Developmental Motor Disorders

A Neuropsychological Perspective

Edited by Deborah Dewey and David E. Tupper

September 21, 2004
ISBN 9781593850647
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501 Pages
Size: 7" x 10"

I. Foundations

1. Motor Disorders and Neuropsychological Development: A Historical Appreciation, David E. Tupper and Sandra K. Sondell

2. Neuroimaging of Developmental Motor Disorders, Deborah Dewey and Shauna Bottos

3. Approaches to Understanding the Neurobehavioral Mechanisms Associated with Motor Impairments in Children, Eric A. Roy, Shauna Bottos, Kelly Pryde, and Deborah Dewey

4. Motor Proficiency Assessment Batteries, Anna Barnett and Judith M. Peters

II. Clinical Disorders

5. Neurodevelopmental Motor Disorders: Cerebral Palsy and Neuromuscular Diseases, Thomas A. Blondis

6. Motor Disorders in Children with Intellectual Disabilities, Digby Elliott and Lindsay Bunn

7. Motor Problems in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Isabel M. Smith

8. Acquired Childhood Conditions with Associated Motor Impairments, Deborah Dewey, Shauna Bottos, and David E. Tupper

9. Involuntary Motor Disorders in Childhood, Deborah Dewey, David E. Tupper, and Shauna Bottos

10. Balance and Postural Control across the Lifespan, Harriet G. Williams and Laura Ho

III. Neuropsychological Manifestations

11. Developmental Phonological Disorder, Megan M. Hodge and Leslie Wellman

12. Developmental Motor Learning Disability: A Neuropsychological Approach, Timo A. Ahonen, Libbe Kooistra, Helena Viholainen, and Marja H. Cantell

13. Visuospatial, Kinesthetic, Visuomotor Integration, and Visuoconstructional Disorders: Implications for Motor Development, Peter H. Wilson

14. Processing Deficits in Children with Movement and Attention Problems, Jan Piek and Thelma Pitcher

15. Understanding the "Graphia" in Developmental Dysgraphia: A Developmental Neuropsychological Perspective for Disorders in Producing Written Language, Virginia Berninger

IV. Issues and Applications

16. Hand Preference, Manual Asymmetry, and Manual Skill, Merrill Hiscock and Lynn Chapieski

17. Constraints in Neuromotor Development, Reint H. Geuze

18. Co-occurrence of Motor Disorders with Other Childhood Disorders, Deborah Dewey, Susan G. Crawford, Brenda N. Wilson, and Bonnie J. Kaplan

19. Psychosocial Functions of Children and Adolescents with Movement Disorders, Motohide Miyahara and Bryant J. Cratty

20. Implications of Movement Difficulties for Social Interaction, Physical Activity, Play, and Sports, Dawne Larkin and Janet Summers

21. Approaches to the Management of Children with Motor Problems, Helene J. Polatajko,

Sylvia Rodger, Ameet Dhillon, and Farrah Hirji