Developmental Origins of Aggression

Edited by Richard E. Tremblay, Willard W. Hartup, and John Archer

March 15, 2005
ISBN 9781593851101
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480 Pages
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I. Introduction

1. The Development of Aggression: Where Do We Stand?, Willard W. Hartup

II. The Development of Aggression in Animals and Humans

2. Subtypes of Aggression in Humans and Animals, Paul L. Gendreau and John Archer

3. Play Fighting: Aggression, Affiliation, and the Development of Nuanced Social Skills, Sergio M. Pellis, Vivien C. Pellis, and Afra Foroud

4. Genetic and Environmental Factors Influencing the Expression of Impulsive Aggression and Serotonergic Functioning in Rhesus Monkeys, Stephen J. Suomi

5. The Developmental Origins of Physical Aggression in Humans, Richard E. Tremblay and Daniel S. Nagin

6. The Beginnings of Aggression in Infancy, Dale F. Hay

7. Play and the Regulation of Aggression, Jordan B. Peterson and Joseph L. Flanders

8. Indirect Aggression among Humans: Social Construct or Evolutionary Adaptation?, Tracy Vaillancourt

9. Proactive and Reactive Aggression: A Developmental Perspective, Frank Vitaro and Mara Brendgen

10. Homicide, Violence, and Developmental Trajectories, Rolf Loeber, Eric Lacourse, and D. Lynn Homish

III. Determinants of Aggression

11. Genetics and the Development of Aggression, Daniel Pérusse and Paul L. Gendreau

12. Mapping Brain Development and Aggression, Tomáš Paus

13. Neuromodulators in the Development and Expression of Inhibition and Aggression, Robert O. Pihl and Chawki Benkelfat

14. Hormones and the Developmental Origins of Aggression, Stephanie H. M. Van Goozen

15. Executive Function in Early Physical Aggression, Jean Richard Séguin and Philip David Zelazo

16. Language Development and Aggressive Behavior, Ginette Dionne

17. The Intergenerational Transmission of Aggression and Antisocial Behavior, Mark Zoccolillo, Elisa Romano, David Joubert, Tania Mazzarello, Sylvana Côté, Michel Boivin, Daniel Pérusse, and Richard E. Tremblay

18. Peer Relationships and the Development of Aggressive Behavior in Early Childhood, Michel Boivin, Frank Vitaro, and François Poulin

19. Social Capital and Physical Violence, Uberto Gatti and Richard E. Tremblay

20. Sex Differences in Aggressive Behavior: A Developmental and Evolutionary Perspective, John Archer and Sylvana Côté

IV. Challenges for the Future

21. The Developmental Origins of Aggression: Where Are We Going?, Richard E. Tremblay and Sylvana Côté


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