Current Issues and Future Directions

Edited by Tracy J. Mayne and George A. Bonanno

January 3, 2001
ISBN 9781572306226
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421 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

Preface, Tracy J. Mayne and George Bonanno

1. The Structure of Emotion: A Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Approach, Tracy J. Mayne and James Ramsey

2. A Multiprocess Perspective on the Neuroscience of Emotion, Kevin N. Ochsner and Lisa Feldman Barrett

3. Emotion and Memory, Pierre Philippot and Alexandre Schaefer

4. Positive Emotions, Barbara L. Fredrickson and Christine Branigan

5. The Evolution of Emotional Expression: A "Selfish-Gene" Account of Smiling and Laughter in Early Hominids and Humans, Michael J. Owren and Jo-Anne Bachorowski

6. Social Functions of Emotions, Dacher Keltner and Jonathan Haidt

7. Culture and Emotion: Different Approaches to the Question, Batja Mesquita

8. Emotion Self-Regulation, George A. Bonanno

9. Emotional Intelligence: A Process Model of Emotion Representation and Regulation, Lisa Feldman Barrett and James J. Gross

10. Emotion and Coping , Judith Tedlie Moskowitz

11. Emotion and Psychopathology, Ann M. Kring

12. Emotions and Health, Tracy J. Mayne

13. The Future of Emotion Research, George A. Bonanno and Tracy J. Mayne