Current Issues and Future Directions

Edited by Tracy J. Mayne and George A. Bonanno

January 3, 2001
ISBN 9781572306226
Price: $69.00
421 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

“With the rapid growth of the literature on emotions over the past two decades, staying abreast of the many new developments in theory and research has become a formidable if not impossible problem. Mayne and Bonanno take a big step toward solving this problem with this excellent work. Chapters cover a range of topics, from the evolution and neuroscience of emotions to emotional intelligence and dynamic systems theory. I learned much from my reading of this volume.”

—Carroll E. Izard, PhD., Unidel Professor of Psychology, University of Delaware

“I read this book with considerable pleasure. It offers an admirable overview of the research produced by members of the younger generation of emotion investigators, and contains a rich store of data on the many topics covered. Chapters address cutting-edge theoretical issues that have moved to the fore in the last decade, offering a number of truly innovative and surprising insights.”

—Nico Frijda, PhD., Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands