Current Issues and Future Directions

Edited by Tracy J. Mayne and George A. Bonanno

January 3, 2001
ISBN 9781572306226
Price: $69.00
421 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

This volume presents cutting-edge work in emotion theory and research that is altering the landscape of the field. Contributors—who represent the first generation of psychologists trained primarily as affect scientists—describe innovative methods, models, and measurements that illuminate and at times challenge traditional paradigms. The volume covers the broad subfields of emotion research. Addressed are such basic areas as the structure and function of emotion; affective neuroscience and cognition; positive emotions, including a chapter on the evolution of positive affect; and social and cultural influences on emotion. Also examined are applied and clinical topics, including emotion self-regulation and intelligence and the role of emotions in coping, health, and psychopathology. Structured in a coherent format to facilitate use in teaching, each chapter defines basic terms, reviews the historical development and evolution of the issue at hand, and discusses current research and directions for future investigation. An ideal text for advanced undergraduate and graduate-level courses, this volume is also essential reading for researchers and clinicians across a range of psychological disciplines.