Fundamental Issues in Evaluation

Edited by Nick L. Smith and Paul R. Brandon

October 26, 2007
ISBN 9781593853426
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266 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

1. Fundamental Issues in Evaluation, Nick L. Smith

I. Issues of Theory

2. The Relevance of Practical Knowledge Traditions to Evaluation Practice, Thomas A. Schwandt

3. Stakeholder Representation in Culturally Complex Communities: Insights from the Transformative Paradigm, Donna M. Mertens

II. Issues of Method

4. Multiple Threats to the Validity of Randomized Studies, Judith A. Droitcour and Mary Grace Kovar

5. Research Synthesis: Toward Broad-Based Evidence, Susan N. Labin

6. Building a Better Evidence Base for Evaluation Theory: Beyond General Calls to a Framework of Types of Research on Evaluation, Melvin M. Mark

III. Issues of Practice

7. Complexities in Setting Program Standards in Collaborative Evaluation, J. Bradley Cousins and Lyn M. Shulha

8. Building Evaluation Recommendations for Improvement: Insights from Student Formative Assessments, Carlos C. Ayala and Paul R. Brandon

IV. Issues of the Profession

9. What Is the Difference between Evaluation and Research—and Why Do We Care?, Sandra Mathison

10. The Impact of Narrow Views of Scientific Rigor on Evaluation Practices for Underrepresented Groups, Elmima C. Johnson, Karen E. Kirkhart, Anna Marie Madison, Grayson B. Noley, and Guillermo Solano-Flores

11. Improving the Practice of Evaluation through Indigenous Values and Methods: Decolonizing Evaluation Practice—Returning the Gaze from Hawai‘i and Aotearoa, Alice J. Kawakami, Kanani Aton, Fiona Cram, Morris K. Lai, and Laurie Porima


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