Helping Bereaved Children

Third Edition
A Handbook for Practitioners

Edited by Nancy Boyd Webb
Foreword by Kenneth J. Doka

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April 9, 2010
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The reproducible materials can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
I. Introduction

1. The Child and Death, Nancy Boyd Webb

2. Assessment of the Bereaved Child, Nancy Boyd Webb

II. Death in the Family

3. The Death of a Grandparent or a Parent, Lois Carey

4. The Grief of Siblings, Betty Davies and Rana Limbo

5. The Disenfranchised Grief of Children, David A. Crenshaw and Jennifer Lee

6. Suicide in the Family: Helping Child and Adolescent Survivors, Cynthia McCormack and Nancy Boyd Webb

7. The Loss and Death of a Pet, Sharon M. McMahon

8. War-Related Deaths in the Family, Diane L. Scott

III. Death in the School and the Wider World

9. The Terminally Ill Child in School and the Sudden Death of a Teacher, Roxia Bullock

10. Violent, Traumatic Death in Schools and Community Responses, Patti Homan Anewalt

11. Children’s and Adolescents’ Exposure to the Mass Violence of War and Terrorism: Role of the Media, Kathleen Nader

12. Deaths Connected to Natural Disasters, Jennifer Baggerly and Alison Salloum

IV. Interventions with Bereaved Children

13. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy for Childhood Trauma and Loss, Janine Shelby

14. Conjoint Caregiver–Child Treatment Following a Parent’s Death, Patricia Van Horn

15. Bereavement Groups and Camps for Children: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Priscilla A. Ruffin and Sarah A. Zimmerman

16. Storytelling with Bereaved Children, Donna O’Toole

V. Help for Counselors, Parents, and Teachers

17. Professional Self-Care and Prevention of Secondary Trauma, Tina Maschi and Derek Brown

18. Guidelines to Help Parents and Teachers of Bereaved Children, Nancy Boyd Webb


*Selected Training Programs and Certifications

*Suppliers of Play Materials

*Bereavement Resources

*References on Religious/Cultural/Ethnic Practices Related to Death