Integrating Instruction

Literacy and Science

Judy McKee and Donna Ogle

May 5, 2005
ISBN 9781593851569
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Judy McKee, MA, is a science consultant for Wilmette Public Schools in Wilmette, Illinois. As an award-winning educator, Ms. McKee has specialized in science education and in differentiating curriculum for students with special needs. She has presented workshops on science and integrated curriculum throughout the United States and for American teachers in Latin America, and has taught courses in emergent literacy at DePaul University, as well as numerous courses at National-Louis University. Currently affiliated with the Out of State and International Student Teaching Program at the University of Northern Iowa, Ms. McKee is active in professional organizations and has helped in staff development in many school districts. She has also authored several articles for professional education journals, and has contributed to books pertaining to integrating curriculum and science activities.

Donna Ogle, EdD, is Professor of Reading and Language at National-Louis University and past president of the International Reading Association. Dr. Ogle's extensive staff development experiences include working in Russia and other eastern European countries as part of the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project and ongoing projects in U.S. school districts, particularly in content reading and integrating curriculum. Her most recent books include All Children Read, coauthored with Charles Temple, Alan Crawford, and Penny Freppon; Coming Together as Readers, and Reading Comprehension: Strategies for Independent Learners, coauthored with Camille Blachowicz.