Learning to Read

Lessons from Exemplary First-Grade Classrooms

Michael Pressley, Richard L. Allington, Ruth Wharton-McDonald, Cathy Collins Block, and Lesley Mandel Morrow

April 2, 2001
ISBN 9781572306493
Price: $34.00
242 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

“A unique contribution to the field, and a real treat to read. I will use this book as a reference for lecture material as well as for assigned readings for graduate students. It is extremely valuable to take educators into the classrooms of these exemplary teachers.”

—Diane H. Tracey, EdD, Kean University

“Reading this book, I found myself reviewing my years of teaching first grade and wondering how much better my teaching could have been if I had had this information. The authors do a good job of summarizing their findings in a fair and objective manner and recounting some wonderful individual stories. We learn best from actual examples from the classroom rather than theory alone—there is nothing like real life to add credibility. As I work with schools doing inservice training, this book would be the one I would recommend for all K-12 teachers.”

—Brenda Sabey, PhD, Dixie State College

“A clear, engaging book offering a nice mix of research and practice. I found myself jotting notes with ideas the authors generated, as well as rereading many passages to savor, reconsider, and connect to my own classroom. I particularly enjoyed the case studies and the concluding reflections, which provide powerful food for thought. I would love to share this book with other teachers, particularly the new teachers that I mentor. I believe it will motivate, enthuse, and provide a basis for daily practice.”

—Pat Clark, MS, First Grade Teacher, Alden Terrace School, Elmont UFSD, New York