Literacy Processes

Cognitive Flexibility in Learning and Teaching

Edited by Kelly B. Cartwright
Foreword by Gedeon O. Deák

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March 14, 2008
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November 7, 2013
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Foreword, Gedeon O. Deák

I. Theoretical Foundations

1. Introduction to Literacy Processes: Cognitive Flexibility in Learning and Teaching, Kelly B. Cartwright

2. Cognitive and Representational Development in Children, Bruce D. Homer and Elizabeth O. Hayward

3. Cognitive and Representational Development in Adults, Jan D. Sinnott

II. Flexibility in Word-Level Processes

4. The Role of Representational Ability in the Development of Phonological Awareness in Preschool Children, M. Jeffrey Farrar and Sylvia Ashwell

5. Developing Cognitive Flexibility in Word Reading among Beginning and Struggling Readers, Irene W. Gaskins

6. Flexibility in Word Reading: Multiple Levels of Representations, Complex Mappings, Partial Similarities, and Cross-Modality Connections, Virginia W. Berninger and William E. Nagy

7. Graphophonological–Semantic Flexibility: Contributions to Skilled Reading across the Lifespan, Kelly B. Cartwright, Melinda D. Hodgkiss, and Marisa C. Isaac

III. Flexibility in Comprehension Processes

8. An Invitation to Study Professionals Reading Professional-Level Texts: A Window on Exceptionally Complex, Flexible Reading, Michael Pressley and Mary Lundeberg

9. Flexible Use of Comprehension Monitoring Strategies: Investigating What a Complex Reading Framework Might Look Like, Susan E. Israel

10. Content-Area Reading/Learning: Flexibility in Knowledge Acquisition, Cynthia Hynd Shanahan and Timothy Shanahan

11. Fluent Reading and the Representation of Texts, Betty Ann Levy and W. Matthew Collins

IV. Flexibility in Instructional Practice

12. The Impact of Flexibility on Vocabulary and Comprehension Development, Sheri R. Parris and Cathy Collins Block

13. Flexibility and Developmental Coordination: Keys to Negotiating Beginning Reading Materials, Heidi Anne E. Mesmer

14. Teaching Flexibility?: Possibilities and Challenges, Dixie Massey

15. Using Technology to Teach Flexibility through Peer Discussion, Nicola Yuill, Lucinda Kerawalla, Darren Pearce, Rose Luckin, and Amanda Harris

16. The Dynamics of Flexibility in Effective Literacy Teaching, Ruth Wharton-McDonald

17. Concluding Reflections: What Can We Learn from Considering Implications of Representational Development and Flexibility for Literacy Teaching and Learning?, Kelly B. Cartwright


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