Matching Books and Readers

Helping English Learners in Grades K-6

Nancy L. Hadaway and Terrell A. Young

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August 10, 2010
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March 1, 2011
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"Pizza," Janet S. Wong

I. Getting to Know English Learners

"How to Say Thy Name," Yangsook Choi

1. English Learners

'Writing the Muslim American Experience," Asma Mobin-Uddin

2. Matching Books to English Learners

"Only a Joke?: Humor as a Bridge between Cultures and Languages," Uma Krishnaswami

3. English Learners’ Academic and Social Language: Moving from Surviving to Thriving

"Creativity Begins at Home," Pat Mora

II. Selecting and Using Books with English Learners

"I Know the River Loves Me," Maya Christina Gonzalez

4. Selecting and Using Fiction with English Learners in Grades K–6

"Fear and Joy in Leaving Your Country," Jorge Argueta

5. Selecting and Using Poetry with English Learners in Grades K–6

"Books as Mirrors," Lulu Delacre

6. Selecting and Using Nonfiction with English Learners in Grades K–6

"I'm Learning to Speak English," J. Patrick Lewis

• Appendices:

A. Books for Learning about Immigrants and English Learners

B. Guidelines for Matching Literature to English Learner Proficiency Levels

C. Children’s Books for Social Language (Basic “Survival”) Topics

D. Narrow Reading Suggestions for Different Formats

• Children's Books Cited