Men in Therapy

The Challenge of Change

Richard L. Meth, Robert S. Pasick, Barry Gordon, Jo Ann Allen, Larry B. Feldman, and Sylvia Gordon

October 18, 1991
ISBN 9780898624854
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284 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 1990

Men have long been considered difficult to engage in psychotherapy, often being described as resistant, unworkable, and unfeeling. The few available books that deal specifically with men's issues tend to lack a central theoretical focus, are highly psychoanalytic in content, or simply do not provide specific guidelines for working with men. This unique and timely volume fills an important gap in the literature by demonstrating why change is often so difficult for them. It provides detailed guidelines for helping men initiate and sustain change in their personal, familial, and professional lives.

“I have given it as a gift and have recommended it again and again. It very sensitively and clearly elucidates men's experience in a way that is most instructive....A must-read for any therapist.”

AFTA Newsletter

“It will be helpful in understanding a strategy for changing male behavior.”

—Duncan Smith, Brown University; Course: Representation of Masculin

Table of Contents


1. The Road to Masculinity, Meth

2. Raised to Work, Pasick.

3. Men as Husbands, B. Gordon & Meth

4. Fathers and Fathering, Feldman

5. Friendship between Men, Pasick


6. Creating a Framework for Change, Allen & S. Gordon

7. Helping Men Understand Themselves, Pasick, S. Gordon & Meth

8. Helping Men in Couple Relationships, B. Gordon & Allen

9. Men and Sexuality, Meth

10. Men and Mothers, Allen

11. Men and Their Fathers, B. Gordon

12. Being a Father, B. Gordon

13. Changing the Nature of Friendships between Men, B. Gordon & Pasick

About the Authors

Richard L. Meth, M.S.W. Director, Center for Marital and Family Therapy, School of Family Studies, University of Connecticut, Storrs CT .
Robert S. Pasick, PhD Psychologist, family therapist, and consultant at the Ann Arbor Center for the Family. Conducts workshops on Gender Issues in the Workplace.


Marital and family therapists, clinical psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers and others will find much of value for their practice. It also serves as an excellent text for students of these disciplines as well as for courses that cover gender studies and sex roles.