Methamphetamine Addiction

From Basic Science to Treatment

Edited by John M. Roll, Richard A. Rawson, Walter Ling, and Steven Shoptaw

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May 4, 2009
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March 1, 2011
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1.Introduction, John M. Roll, Richard A. Rawson, Steven Shoptaw, and Walter Ling

2. Epidemiology of Methamphetamine Use: A Global Perspective, Beth A. Rutkowski and Jane C. Maxwell

3. Basic Neuropharmacological Mechanisms of Methamphetamine, Glen R. Hanson and Annette E. Fleckenstein

4. Methamphetamine and the Brain: Findings from Brain Imaging Studies, Doris Payer and Edythe D. London

5. Behavioral Pharmacology and Psychiatric Consequences of Methamphetamine, Craig R. Rush, William W. Stoops, and Walter Ling

6. Medical Effects of Methamphetamine Use, Larissa Mooney, Suzette Glasner-Edwards, Richard A. Rawson, and Walter Ling

7. Public Health Issues Surrounding Methamphetamine Dependence, Steven Shoptaw, William D. King, Evan Landstrom, Michelle A. Bholat, Keith Heinzerling, Gregory D. Victorianne, and John M. Roll

8. Methamphetamine and Crime, David Farabee and Angela Hawken

9. Effects of Methamphetamine on Communities, Linda J. Thompson, Sharon Sowell, and John M. Roll

10. Psychosocial and Behavioral Treatment of Methamphetamine Dependence, Steven Shoptaw, Richard A. Rawson, Matthew Worley, Sarah Lefkowith, and John M. Roll

11. Pharmacological Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction, Frank J. Vocci, Ahmed Elkashef, and Nathan M. Appel

12. Treatment of Methamphetamine Addiction That Co-occurs with Serious Mental Illness, Jagoda Pasic and Richard Ries

13. Conclusion, Charles R. Schuster, Chris-Ellyn Johanson, and John M. Roll