Methods and Models in Demography

Colin Newell

June 8, 1990
ISBN 9780898624519
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217 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
Copyright Date: 1988

This volume clearly outlines the methods used to study population structure and change by presenting the major descriptive and analytical models developed by demographers to investigate the interrelationships between fertility, age, structure, and mortality. With illustrations, tables, and data drawn from a wide range of countries in both the developed and developing world, METHODS AND MODELS IN DEMOGRAPHY explicates the potential uses and limitations of the current models for population analysis, estimation, and forecasting.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction for Formal Demography.


2. Age and Sex Composition.

3. Period Fertility.

4. Cohort Fertility.

5. Mortality and Life Tables.

6. Migration.

7. Marriage and Divorce.

8. Reproductivity.


9. Introduction.

10. Models of Age Structure.

11. Empirical Model Life Tables.

12. Rational Model Life Tables.

13. Models of Nuptiality and Fertility.

14. Population Projections and Forecasts.


An invaluable resource for researchers and social planners and a exemplary classromm text.

Course Use

The book's clear writing, step-by-step format, numerous case examples, and exercises (complete with answers), make it an exemplary classroom text for any population-related course.