Multicultural Understanding of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Implications for Mental Health Assessment

Thomas M. Achenbach and Leslie A. Rescorla

September 19, 2006
ISBN 9781593853488
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322 Pages
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1. Why Should We Do Multicultural Research on Children's Problems?

2. The Empirically Based "Bottom-Up" Approach to Psychopathology

3. The Diagnostically Based "Top-Down" Approach to Psychopathology

4. Multicultural Findings on Scores Obtained with Empirically Based Assessment Instruments

5. Multicultural Findings on Correlates of Empirically Based Scale Scores

6. Multicultural Findings on Patterns of Problems in Empirically Based Assessment Instruments

7. Multicultural Findings on the Prevalence of Diagnostically Based Disorders

8. Multicultural Findings on Correlates and Comorbidity of Diagnostically Based Disorders

9. Comparisons of Empirically Based and Diagnostically Based Findings

10. Meeting Challenges Posed by Multicultural Research on Children's Problems

11. Contributions of Multicultural Research to Understanding, Assessing, Preventing, and Treating Child Psychopathology