Origins of the Social Mind

Evolutionary Psychology and Child Development

Edited by Bruce J. Ellis and David F. Bjorklund

November 22, 2004
ISBN 9781593851033
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540 Pages
Size: 6⅛" x 9¼"

I. Conceptual Foundations of Evolutionary Developmental Psychology: Core Issues and Approaches

1. Evolutionary Psychology and Child Development: An Emerging Synthesis,

David F. Bjorklund and Bruce J. Ellis

2. Ontogeny and Evolution of the Social Child, Mark V. Flinn and Carol V. Ward

3. The Role of Developmental Plasticity in the Evolution of Human Cognition: Evidence from Enculturated, Juvenile Great Apes, David F. Bjorklund and Justin S. Rosenberg

4. Early Stress: Perspectives from Developmental Evolutionary Ecology, James S. Chisholm,

Victoria K. Burbank, David A. Coall, and Frank Gemmiti

5. Developmental Behavioral Genetics and Evolutionary Psychology: Tying the Theoretical and Empirical Threads, Nancy L. Segal and Elizabeth M. Hill

II. Personality and Social Development

6. Differential Susceptibility to Rearing Influence: An Evolutionary Hypothesis and Some Evidence, Jay Belsky

7. Determinants of Pubertal Timing: An Evolutionary Developmental Approach,

Bruce J. Ellis

8. Some Functional Aspects of Human Adolescence, Glenn E. Weisfeld and Heather C. Janisse

9. Sex Differences in Competitive and Aggressive Behavior: A View from Sexual Selection Theory, Anthony D. Pellegrini and John Archer

10. Social Behavior and Personality Development: The Role of Experiences with Siblings and with Peers, Judith Rich Harris

11. Play: Types and Functions in Human Development, Peter K. Smith

12. Evolutionary Origins and Ontogenetic Development of Incest Avoidance, Irwin Silverman and Irene Bevc

III. Cognitive Development

13. Infant Perception and Cognition: An Evolutionary Perspective on Early Learning,

David H. Rakison

14. Evolution and Development of Human Memory Systems, Katherine Nelson

15. Language Evolution and Human Development, Brian MacWhinney

16. The Evolutionary History of an Illusion: Religious Causal Beliefs in Children and Adults, Jesse M. Bering

17. Cognitive Development and the Understanding of Animal Behavior, H. Clark Barrett

18. The Empathizing System: A Revision of the 1994 Model of the Mindreading System,

Simon Baron-Cohen

19. Folk Knowledge and Academic Learning, David C. Geary


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