Parents' Cultural Belief Systems

Their Origins, Expressions, and Consequences

Edited by Sara Harkness and Charles M. Super

November 24, 1995
ISBN 9781572300316
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1. Introduction, Harkness and Super

I. Theoretical Perspectives

2. Parents' Free Descriptions of Child Characteristics: A Cross-Cultural Search for the Developmental Antecendents of the Big Five, Kohnstamm, Halverson, Havill, and Mervielde

3. Processes of Generalization in Parental Reasoning, Valsiner and Litvinovic

4. The Answer Depends on the Question: A Conceptual and Methodological Analysis of a Parent Belief-Behavior Interview Regarding Children's Learning, Sigel and Kim

II. The Nature and Origins of Parents' Cultural Belief Systems

5. Essential Contrasts: Differences in Parental Ideas About Learners and Teaching in Tahiti and Nepal, Levy

6. How do Children Develop Knowledge?: Beliefs of Tansanian and American Mothers, McGillicuddy-De Lisi and Subramanian

7. Japanese Mothers' Ideas about Infants and Temperament, Shwalb, Shwalb, and Shoji

8. Scenes from a Marriage: Equality Ideology in Swedish Family Policy, Maternal Ethnotheories, and Practice, Welles-Nystrom

III. Intracultural Variation: The Role of Education and "Experts"

9. Parents' and Adolescents' Ideas on Children: Origins and Transmission of Intracultural Diversity, Palacios and Moreno

10. Education and Mother-Infant Interaction: A Mexican Case Study, LeVine, Miller, Richman, and LeVine

11. The Contrasting Developmental Timetables of Parents and Preschool Teachers in Two Cultural Communities, Edwards, Gandini, and Giovaninni 12. Ask the Doctor: The Negotiation of Cultural Models in American Parent-Pediatrician Discourse, Harkness, Super, Keefer, Raghavan, and Kipp

IV. The Instantiation of Parents' Cultural Belief Systems in Practices

13. From Household Practices to Parents' Ideas About Work and Interpersonal Relationships, Goodnow

14. How Mayan Parental Theories Come Into Play, Gaskins

15. Parental Theories in the Management of Young Children's Sleep in Japan, Italy, and the United States, Wolf, Lozoff, Latz, and Pauladetto

16. Maternal Beliefs and Infant-Care Practices in Italy and the United States, New and Richman V. The Consequences of Parents' Cultural Belief Systems for Children's Health and Development

17. My Child is My Crown: Yoruba Parental Theories and Practices in Early Childhood, Zeitlin

18. Growth Consequences of Low-Income Nicaraguan Mothers' Theories About Feeding 1-Year-Olds, Engle, Zeitlin, and Medrano

19. The "Three R's" of Dutch Childrearing and the Socialization of Infant Arousal, Super, Harkness, van Tijen, van der Flugt, Fintelman, and Dijkstra

20. Imagining and Engaging One's Children: Lessons From Poor, Rural New England Mothers, Bond, Belenky, Weinstock, and Cook

21. American Cultural Models of Early Influence and Parent Recognition of Developmental Delays: Is Earlier Always Better Than Later?, Weisner, Matheson, and Bernheimer