Preparing Effective Special Education Teachers

Nancy Mamlin

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February 14, 2012
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What tools are in the toolkit of an excellent special educator, and how can teacher preparation programs provide these tools in the most efficient, effective way possible? This practical, clearly written book is grounded in current research and policy as well as the author's extensive experience as a teacher educator. It identifies what special education teachers need to know to work competently with students with a wide variety of learning challenges and disabilities. Chapters present specific guidelines for helping teacher candidates build critical skills for instruction and assessment, get the most out of field placements, and collaborate successfully with other school personnel and with parents.

“Analyzing and synthesizing the research and current issues associated with special education teacher preparation, this is the only current book of its kind. Mamlin provides an excellent overview of the policy environment regarding both general and special education teacher preparation. She thoroughly describes the elements of an effective special education teacher preparation program. This book will be one I turn to as we revise coursework and field placements to assure the best outcomes for our teacher candidates and the students with whom they will work.”

—Georgia M. Kerns, PhD, Department of Education, University of New Hampshire

“This is the first book in many years to address the preparation of special education teachers—and this information is needed now more than ever. Given the complexities of today’s classrooms, we need special educators who have a solid knowledge base for teaching students with challenging learning needs. The book is unique in putting research to work toward shaping and evaluating the next generation of excellent special educators.”

—Jean B. Crockett, PhD, Professor and Director, School of Special Education, School Psychology, and Early Childhood Studies, University of Florida

Table of Contents

1. A Framework for Teacher Education in Special Education: Teacher Education Matters

2. Who Are the Candidates?

3. Field Experiences: A “Must Have”

4. The “Job” of a Special Education Teacher

5. Special Education Knowledge Base

6. Assessment: Have We Met Our Goals?

7. Preparing Excellent Special Educators

List of Abbreviations

Annotated Bibliography

Appendix A. Council for Exceptional Children Standards for Professional Practice

Appendix B. Council for Exceptional Children Personnel Preparation Standards

Appendix C. Association of Teacher Educators Standards for Teacher Educators

Appendix D. Council for Exceptional Children Code of Ethics

About the Author

Nancy Mamlin, PhD, is Associate Professor of Special Education and Coordinator of the Learning Disabilities Program at the H. M. Michaux, Jr. School of Education, North Carolina Central University. Dr. Mamlin received her initial teacher preparation at Indiana University in the areas of intellectual and emotional disabilities. She taught in Palo Alto, California, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before earning her master’s degree from the University of Maryland. After teaching in Rockville, Maryland, for 2 years, she returned to school and earned a doctorate in special education (with a concentration in learning disabilities) from the University of Maryland in 1995. Dr. Mamlin has been a teacher educator at Appalachian State University and North Carolina Central University, and has prepared teacher candidates by working with them in their student teaching and internship settings. She has focused her research on general and special education teachers and what they need to know in order to work with their students who have special education needs.


Teacher educators in special education, graduate students preparing to be teacher educators, and school district personnel who provide staff development for special education teachers.

Course Use

Serves as a text in such courses as College Teaching in Special Education.