Promoting Children's Health

Integrating School, Family, and Community

Thomas J. Power, George J. DuPaul, Edward S. Shapiro, and Anne E. Kazak

March 21, 2003
ISBN 9781572308558
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262 Pages
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I. Understanding the Context

1. Linking Systems of Care to Promote Health: Justification and Need

2. Addressing Healthcare Issues across Settings

II. Developing Intervention Strategies

3. Designing Interventions: Integrating Assessment Paradigms

4. Integrating Children with Health Problems into School

5. Promoting Intervention Adherence: Linking Systems to Promote Collaborative Management

6. Managing and Evaluating Pharmacological Interventions

III. Developing Prevention Strategies

7. Developing Selective and Indicated Prevention Programs

8. Developing Universal Prevention Programs

9. Evaluating Programs of Prevention

IV. Planning for the Future

10. Preparing Psychologists to Integrate Systems of Care

11. Forming Partnerships to Integrate Research and Practice