Protecting Children from Domestic Violence

Strategies for Community Intervention

Edited by Peter G. Jaffe, Linda L. Baker, and Alison J. Cunningham

February 13, 2004
ISBN 9781572309920
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I. Introduction to the Problem

1. Purpose and Overview, Peter G. Jaffe, Linda L. Baker, and Alison J. Cunningham

2. Should Childhood Exposure to Adult Domestic Violence Be Defined as Child Maltreatment under the Law?, Jeffrey L. Edleson

3. Young Children Exposed to Adult Domestic Violence: Incidence, Assessment, and Intervention, B. B. Robbie Rossman, Jacqueline G. Rea, Sandra A. Graham-Bermann, and Perry M. Butterfield

4. Group Intervention with Abusive Male Adolescents, Diane L. Davis

II. Individual- and Group-Level Responses

5. Fostering Resilient Coping in Children Exposed to Violence: Cultural Considerations,

Sandra A. Graham-Bermann and Hilda M. Halabu

6. Safety Planning for Abused Women and Their Children, Jennifer L. Hardesty and Jacquelyn C. Campbell

7. Assessing Abusers' Risks to Children, Lundy Bancroft and Jay G. Silverman

8. Fatherhood and Domestic Violence: Exploring the Role of Abusive Men in the Lives of Their Children, Oliver J. Williams, Jacquelyn Boggess, and Janet Carter

III. System-Level Responses

9. The Ethnic Media Outreach Project: "Canada Is a Country for Women," Melpa Kamateros

10. Police in the Lives of Children Exposed to Domestic Violence: Collaborative Approaches to Intervention, Berkman, Casey, Steven J. Berkowitz, and Steven Marans

11. The Role of Family Courts in Domestic Violence: The Canadian Experience, Martha Shaffer and Nicholas Bala

12. The Role of Family Courts in Domestic Violence: The U.S. Experience, Billie Lee Dunford-Jackson

13. The Fourth R: Developing Healthy Relationships through School-Based Interventions,

Peter G. Jaffe, David Wolfe, Claire Crooks, Ray Hughes, and Linda L. Baker

IV. Conclusions

14. Future Directions in Ending Domestic Violence in the Lives of Children, Linda L. Baker, Alison J. Cunningham, and Peter G. Jaffe