Psychotherapy with Women

Exploring Diverse Contexts and Identities

Edited by Marsha Pravder Mirkin, Karen L. Suyemoto, and Barbara F. Okun

August 12, 2005
ISBN 9781593851897
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357 Pages
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Introduction, Marsha Pravder Mirkin, Karen L. Suyemoto, and Barbara F. Okun

I. Foundational Contexts

1. Journeys through Diverse Terrains: Multiple Identities and Social Contexts in Individual Therapy, Karen L. Suyemoto and Grace S. Kim

2. Many Differences, Many Voices: Toward Social Justice in Family Therapy, Jodie Kliman

3. Building Relationships across Privilege: Becoming an Ally in the Therapeutic Relationship, Hugh Vasquez and Sukie Magraw

II. Women in Interpersonal Relationships

4. Immigrant Mothers: Mothering in the Borderlands, Roxana Llerena-Quinn and Marsha Pravder Mirkin

5. Race, Gender, Class, and Culture through the Looking Glass of Interracial and Intercultural Intimate Relationships, Maria P. P. Root and Karen L. Suyemoto

6. Love in (at Least) Two Cultures: Dilemmas of Intimacy, Gender, and Generation in Practice with Immigrant Families, Ester R. Shapiro and Eileen Santa

7. Class Tensions within Families: Maintaining Relationships across Differences, Sandra J. Jones

III. Women and Paid Work

8. The Impact of Culture on Women's Meanings and Experiences of Work: Asian American and Asian Immigrant Women, Mizuho Arai

9. Women in the Workplace: An Application of Relational-Cultural Theory, Judith V. Jordan and Patricia Romney

10. Redefining the Career Ladder: New Visions of Women at Work, Barbara F. Okun and Lauren Gallo Ziady

11. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: Reflections on Feminist Therapy with Low-Wage-Earning Women, Vanessa Jackson

IV. Women, Self-Care, and Healthy Living

12. Women, Psychotherapy, and the Experience of Play, Gretchen Schmelzer and Lise Motherwell

13. Spirit Matters: Women, Spirituality, and Clinical Contexts, Tracy L. Robinson-Wood and Marilyn Braithwaite-Hall

14. Native American Women: Fostering Resiliency through Community, Nadine Tafoya

15. Healthy Living, Healthy Women, Barbara A. Stewart and Barbara F. Okun

V. Conclusions

16. Connections and Future Directions, Barbara F. Okun, Karen L. Suyemoto, and Marsha Pravder Mirkin