Reading Comprehension

Second Edition
Strategies for Independent Learners

Camille Blachowicz and Donna Ogle

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May 5, 2008
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This practical resource and widely used text presents a wealth of research-based approaches to comprehension instruction. The authors offer specific classroom practices that help K-9 students compare and evaluate print and online sources, develop vocabulary, build study and test-taking skills, and become motivated readers.

“This book is essential reading for those who are new to teaching or who want to enhance their comprehension instruction. The user-friendly format allows teachers to read the book from cover to cover or to sample individual chapters based on interests or needs. From strategies for reading fiction and nonfiction to ideas for engaging in research and other learning tasks, Blachowicz and Ogle’s informative work is packed with useful explanations, techniques, and tips for helping students become better comprehenders. Based on extensive work with teachers and students in schools, this practical book deserves a special place on any literacy educator’s bookshelf.”

—Rachel Brown, PhD, Reading and Language Arts Center, Syracuse University

“This artfully constructed book allows any teacher, novice or experienced, to walk away with an increased knowledge base on reading comprehension. The authors have succeeded in conveying this complex topic in a comprehensive yet easy-to-read and practical format. The volume provides real-life scenarios that can help teachers actively, constructively, and purposefully scaffold comprehension instruction to promote skillful, strategic, self-monitored, and critical reading. This second edition will be a welcome addition to any reading educator's library.”

—Carrice Cummins, PhD, Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership, Louisiana Tech University

“This is a practical, readable, research-based volume. As a result of their extensive work in classrooms, Blachowicz and Ogle show us how to create contexts that support each student's journey toward independence. The second edition brings the book up to date by integrating the latest research on vocabulary development and informational literacy, including reading on the Internet and strategies for effective instruction. Whether you are a new teacher planning instruction for the first time or an experienced veteran seeking refinements to your reading curriculum, you will find this text a rich source of teaching ideas.”

—Nancy Padak, EdD, Department of Teaching, Leadership, and Curriculum Studies, Kent State University

“Blachowicz and Ogle once again demonstrate their preeminence in the field as they address the most complicated and important challenge faced by literacy students and teachers. They provide a uniquely contextualized and research-based view of reading comprehension as students’ print-based learning from fiction and informational texts. They go on to guide teachers’ planning, assessment, and instruction to promote independence. The detailed, accessible nature of this book will make it a treasured reference for all teachers concerned about their students’ academic success. The book would also be an excellent text in a reading methods course for preservice teachers.”

—David J. Chard, PhD, Leon Simmons Dean, Simmons School of Education and Human Development, Southern Methodist University

Table of Contents

1. Learning about Comprehension from Good Readers

2. A Closer Look at Comprehension: Context, Processes, Strategies, and Instruction

3. Creating an Effective Classroom for Comprehension Instruction

4. Finding a Starting Point: Ways to Assess Comprehension

5. Strategies for Reading for Information

6. Strategies for Reading Fiction

7. Strategies for Vocabulary Development

8. Strategies for Engaging in Research

9. Strategies for Performing Tasks, Studying, and Taking Tests

10. Strategies That Encourage Lifelong Reading

About the Authors

Camille Blachowicz, PhD, is Professor of Education at National-Louis University, where she also directs the Reading Program and the Reading Center. She is the author of several books and numerous chapters, monographs, and articles on vocabulary and comprehension instruction and on working with at-risk readers. Dr. Blachowicz was a Fulbright Fellow to Italy and is active in professional organizations and staff development nationally and internationally. She is codirector of the Literacy Partners: Advanced Reading Development Demonstration Project (ARDDP), a project on coaching and school literacy improvement, in the Chicago Public Schools. In 2003 she was named to the roster of Outstanding Teacher Educators in Reading by the International Reading Association.

Donna Ogle, EdD, is Professor of Education at National-Louis University, a member of the Reading Hall of Fame, and a past president of the International Reading Association (2001-2002). She currently is directing two multischool projects in the Chicago Public Schools: Project ALL (Advancing Literacy for Learning) and the Transitional Adolescent Literacy Leadership (TALL) Project. She is also Senior Consultant to the Chicago Striving Readers Research Study. Dr. Ogle is the author of many publications related to the topic of comprehension development and has particular interest in informational reading and learning. She works internationally in professional development projects and is an editorial reviewer for Lectura y Vida, the Spanish-language journal of the International Reading Association.


K–9 teachers in reading, language arts, and English classrooms; teacher educators in literacy and reading programs; literacy specialists.

Course Use

Will serve as a core text in such courses as Reading Comprehension, Reading Methods, and Middle School Reading.
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