Regional and Urban GIS

A Decision Support Approach

Timothy L. Nyerges and Piotr Jankowski

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October 8, 2009
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I. Situating GIS-Based Decision Support

1. Introduction: Need for Geographic Information Systems in Decision Support

2. GIS in Decision Support Situations

3. GIS-Based Decision Support Methods and Workflow

4. GIS-Based Decision Situation Assessment

II. Fundamentals of GIS Data and Analysis for Decision Support

5. Making Choices about Geospatial Database Development

6. Fundamentals of GIS-Based Data Analysis for Decision Support

7. Making Choices about GIS-Based Multicriteria Evaluation

III. Planning, Programming, and Implementation Decision Cases

8. GIS Data Analysis for Planning Decision Support

9. A Case Study in Water Resource Planning Decision Support

10. GIS Data Analysis for Improvement Programming Decision Support

11. GIS Data Analysis for Improvement Project Implementation Decision Support

IV. Using GIS for Integrated Decision Support

12. GIS-Based Integrated Analysis across Functional Themes

13. Linking Analyses across Decision Situation Processes

V. Concluding Perspective

14. Perspectives on GIS and Sustainability Management


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