Representations of Space and Time

Donna J. Peuquet

June 20, 2002
ISBN 9781572307735
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380 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

“This book is unique in capturing a full range of topics about managing geographic information in principle and practice. It examines how space and time have been understood from the Classical era to the present day, tracing the development of scientific methodologies and probing key epistemological and philosophical questions. A comprehensive review of computational approaches for handling space and time in computer data modeling brings these concepts down to earth. This book will be a useful reference for advanced GIS students as well as professionals who manage databases incorporating both space and time.”

—Barbara P. Buttenfield, PhD, Department of Geography, University of Colorado - Boulder

“Donna Peuquet has produced a true tour de force. This book provides an essential foundation for the developing field of geographic information science. It offers an authoritative review of the history of human ideas about the nature of space and time, their roles in human cognition, and their representation in contemporary databases. It will make an ideal text for graduate and senior undergraduate seminars in geographic information science or geographic information systems, and more broadly, for seminars in fields from geographic thought to spatial cognition. Here at last is a book that links the new science of geographic information, born of the computer revolution, to the long tradition of human thought about space and time.”

—Michael F. Goodchild, PhD, National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis and Department of Geography, University of California, Santa Barbara

“Most GIS represent the world using data models derived from static maps. This has been useful for some applications, but future progress needs richer models that represent space and time in ways that better relate to our own experiences. In this fascinating book, Donna Peuquet provides a timely and authoritative review of the issues involved. This long-overdue book should be read by anyone who has a real concern for the future of GIS.”

—David Unwin, Professor of Geography, Birkbeck College, University of London, UK

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