Socioemotional Development in Cultural Context

Edited by Xinyin Chen and Kenneth H. Rubin

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March 23, 2011
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August 3, 2011
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I. Theoretical Perspectives and Policy Implications

1. Culture and Socioemotional Development, with a Focus on Fearfulness and Attachment, Joan Stevenson-Hinde

2. Culture and Children's Socioemotional Functioning: A Contextual–Developmental Perspective, Xinyin Chen

3. Culture, Public Policy, and Child Development, Hirokazu Yoshikawa and Madeleine Currie

II. Socialization of Socioemotional Functioning

4. Parental Ethnotheories about Children’s Socioemotional Development, Sara Harkness, Charles M. Super and Caroline Johnston Mavridis

5. Pathways to Emotion Regulation: Cultural Differences in Internalization, Fred Rothbaum and Natalie Rusk

III. Socioemotional Processes

6. Emotion, Self-Regulation, and Social Behavior in Cultural Contexts, Gisela Trommsdorff and Pamela M. Cole

7. Different Faces of Autonomy, Heidi Keller and Hiltrud Otto

8. Ethnic/Racial Identity and Peer Relationships across Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, Tiffany Yip and Sara Douglass

9. Dyadic Relationships from a Cross-Cultural Perspective: Parent–Child Relationships and Friendship, Kenneth H. Rubin, Wonjung Oh, Melissa Menzer, and Katie Ellison

IV. Adaptive and Maladaptive Social Functioning

10. Morality, Exclusion, and Culture, Melanie Killen and Alaina Brenick

11. The Cultural Context of Child and Adolescent Conflict Management, Doran C. French

12. Culture, Families, and Children’s Aggression: Findings from Jamaica, Japan, and Latinos in the United States, Nancy G. Guerra, Amber J. Hammons, and Michiko Otsuki Clutter

13. Psychosocial Functioning in the Context of Social, Economic, and Political Change, Rainer K. Silbereisen and Martin J. Tomasik


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