Socioemotional Development in the Toddler Years

Transitions and Transformations

Edited by Celia A. Brownell and Claire B. Kopp

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August 16, 2007
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1. Transitions in Toddler Socioemotional Development: Behavior, Understanding, Relationships, Celia A. Brownell and Claire B. Kopp

I. Understanding Self and Others

2. Understanding Self and Others in the Second Year, Chris Moore

3. The Codevelopment of Self and Sociomoral Emotions During the Toddler Years, Michael F. Mascolo and Kurt W. Fischer

4. The Transformation of Prosocial Behavior from Infancy to Childhood, Dale F. Hay and Kaye V. Cook

5. The Origins of Empathic Morality in Toddlerhood, Martin L. Hoffman

II. Play and Communication

6. Pretend Play in Toddlers, Angeline Lillard

7. Children's Relationships with Other Children, Claire Hughes and Judy Dunn

8. Intentional Communication, Nameera Akhtar and Carmen Martínez-Sussmann

9. Becoming a Language User: Entering a Symbolic World, Katherine Nelson

10. Revisiting A Toddler's Life for The Toddler Years: Conversational Participation as a Tool for Learning across Knowledge Domains, Marilyn Shatz

III. Self-Regulation

11. The Emergence of Self-Regulation: Biological and Behavioral Control Mechanisms Supporting Toddler Competencies, Susan D. Calkins

12. Autonomy, Compliance, and Internalization, David R. Forman

13. Taming the Tempest in the Teapot: Emotion Regulation in Toddlers, Ross A. Thompson and Rebecca Goodvin

IV. Biological and Cultural Perspectives

14. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Early Socioemotional Development, Martha Ann Bell and Christy D. Wolfe

15. Biobehavioral Approaches to Early Socioemotional Development, Kristin A. Buss and H. Hill Goldsmith

16. The Sociocultural Context of Transitions in Early Socioemotional Development, Susan M. Perez and Mary Gauvain

V. Individual Differences and Applications

17. Social Relations, Self-Awareness, and Symbolizing: A Perspective from Autism, R. Peter Hobson

18. A Systemic Approach to Assessment of Normative and Atypical Socioemotional Function in Toddlers, Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Jessica Barnes, and Jason Almerigi