Spaces of Globalization

Reasserting the Power of the Local

Edited by Kevin R. Cox

March 29, 1997
ISBN 9781572301993
Price: $39.00
292 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

Arguments about the globalization of economic relations have become commonplace; part of the everyday diet of social science and public affairs alike. Citing the growth of multinational and transnational corporations, and the enhanced mobility of goods, services and money, proponents of the globalization hypothesis claim that capital now creates new forms of competition beyond the reach of state agencies and nationally organized forms of worker representation. Defined in this manner, globalization becomes a threat to the welfare state, to policies of full employment, and to national living standards. Taking a radically different tack, this timely and far-reaching volume reexamines the underlying assumptions of globalization arguments from a critical perspective. Alongside globalization, authors show, there persist tendencies towards the territorialization and re-territorialization of economic life, as well as the development of new organizing strategies by labor. Probing the complex relationship between the global and the local and investigating the changing dynamics of contemporary firms, labor, capital, and communities, the book also addresses the broader question of the difference that space makes in understanding society.