Spaces of Globalization

Reasserting the Power of the Local

Edited by Kevin R. Cox

March 29, 1997
ISBN 9781572301993
Price: $39.00
292 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

Introduction: Globalization and its Politics in Question, Kevin R. Cox

1. Territories, Flows, and Hierarchies in the Global Economy, Michael Storper

2. Between the Global and the Local: The Spatial Limits to Productive Capital, Meric S. Gertler

3. Strategic Localization: The Myth of the Postnational Enterprise, Andrew Mair

4. The Informational Content of Financial Products and the Spatial Structure of the Global Finance Industry, Gordon L. Clark and Kevin O'Connor

5. Globalization and the Politics of Distribution: A Critical Assessment, Kevin R. Cox

6. Neither Global nor Local: "Glocalization" and the Politics of Scale, Erik Swyngedouw

7. Labor as an Agent of Globalization and as a Global Agent, Andrew Herod

8. Social Democracy and External Constraints, Ton Notermans

9. Representation Unbound: Globalization and Democracy, Murray Low