Teaching Literacy in Second Grade

Jeanne R. Paratore and Rachel L. McCormack

May 13, 2005
ISBN 9781593851774
Price: $29.00
196 Pages
Size: 7" x 10"

“Paratore and McCormack describe numerous instructional practices known to help children excel as readers and writers, often bulleting the key steps of a practice to make it easier for teachers to implement in their classrooms. They share the evidence base that underlies each recommended practice, a critically important feature in the current political climate. They take readers on classroom visits, showing how the practices come to life through the thoughtful decision making of highly effective second-grade teachers. Readers will find themselves flagging key pages to remind them of the steps in an instructional practice, or rereading different sections as they make thoughtful decisions about their teaching of reading and writing.”

—Carol Vukelich, PhD, Director, Delaware Center for Teacher Education, University of Delaware

“In their comprehensive treatment of second-grade reading and writing instruction, Paratore and McCormack offer teachers a wealth of information. They ground instruction in standards and appropriate expectations for second-graders and describe an array of research-based instructional sequences and strategies that support high student achievement. Clear explanations of teaching techniques combined with visits inside real classrooms equip teachers with the concepts and tools they need for effective literacy teaching at this important midpoint in children’s ‘learn-to-read-and-write’ process.”

—Kathleen Roskos, PhD, Department of Education and Allied Studies, John Carroll University

“This is an engaging, fast-paced resource for second-grade teachers. The book is theoretically grounded, research based, comprehensive, and uniquely practical. The authors are to be commended for its inclusiveness. Coverage encompasses developmental traits of second-graders, literacy goals, informal assessments, differentiating instruction, home-school partnerships, visits to classrooms with exceptional teachers, and extensive resources. This is a great addition to the professional libraries of new second-grade teachers—and I guarantee it won't just sit on the shelf!”

—Patricia F. Clark, MS, Academic Intervention Teacher, Clara H. Carlson School, Elmont Union Free School District, Elmont, New York