The Development of Shyness and Social Withdrawal

Edited by Kenneth H. Rubin and Robert J. Coplan

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February 18, 2010
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March 1, 2011
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1. Social Withdrawal and Shyness in Childhood: History, Theories, Definitions, and Assessments, Robert J. Coplan and Kenneth H. Rubin

II. Constructs and Conceptual Approaches

2. Understanding Shyness: Four Questions and Four Decades of Research, Louis A. Schmidt and Arnold H. Buss

3. Shyness and the Development of Embarrassment and the Self-Conscious Emotions, W. Ray Crozier

4. Unsociability and the Preference for Solitude in Childhood, Robert J. Coplan and Murray Weeks

5. Biological Moderators of Infant Temperament and Its Relation to Social Withdrawal, Nathan A. Fox and Bethany C. Reeb-Sutherland

III. Personal and Interpersonal Processes

6. Shyness, Parenting, and Parent–Child Relationships, Paul D. Hastings, Jacob N. Nuselovici, Kenneth H. Rubin, and Charissa S. L. Cheah

7. Social Withdrawal in Childhood and Adolescence: Peer Relationships and Social Competence, Kenneth H. Rubin, Julie Bowker, and Heidi Gazelle

8. Long-Term Development of Shyness: Looking Forward and Looking Backward, Jens B. Asendorpf

IV. Contexts

9. Language Performance, Academic Performance, and Signs of Shyness: A Comprehensive Review, Mary Ann Evans

10. Shyness–Inhibition in Childhood and Adolescence: A Cross-Cultural Perspective, Xinyin Chen

11. Electronic Communication: Escape Mechanism or Relationship-Building Tool for Shy, Withdrawn Children and Adolescents?, Barry H. Schneider and Yair Amichai-Hamburger

12. “Once Upon a Time There Were a Blushful Hippo and a Meek Mouse”: A Content Analysis of Shy Characters in Young Children’s Storybooks, Robert J. Coplan, Kathleen Hughes, and Hilary Claire Rowsell

V. Clinical Research, Practice, and Treatment

13. Temperament and the Etiology of Social Phobia, Ronald M. Rapee

14. Treating Social Anxiety in Youth, Matthew P. Mychailyszyn, Jeremy S. Cohen, Julie M. Edmunds, Sarah A. Crawley, and Philip C. Kendall