The Fate of Borderline Patients

Successful Outcome and Psychiatric Practice

Michael H. Stone

May 4, 1990
ISBN 9780898623994
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1. Introduction to the Study.

2. The Borderline Patients: Definitions and Earlier Studies.

3. General Results and Outcome on Major Variables.

4. Suicide and Suicidal Behavior.

5. Parental Morbidity, Subsequent Morbidity, and Striking ``Borderline'' Characteristics in Borderline Patients.

6. Personality Subtypes among the Borderline Patients.

7. The Impact of Life Events: Early Loss, Incest, and Parental Brutality.

8. Gender Differences and Factors Affecting Women's Outcomes.

9. Substance Abuse and Its Effects on Outcome.

10. Other Factors Affecting Outcome.

11. Outcomes for the Borderline Patients: Correlations and Case Vignettes. 12. Disorders Presenting with Psychosis.

13. Outcome Patterns.

14. Effects of Therapist and Type of Therapy.

15. Counterintuitive Results.

16. Afterword.