The Many Faces of Shame

Edited by Donald L. Nathanson

June 1, 1987
ISBN 9780898627053
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370 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"

For almost a century the concept of guilt, as embedded in drive theory, has dominated psychoanalytic thought. Increasingly, however, investigators are focusing on shame as a key aspect of human behavior. This volume captures a range of compelling viewpoints on the role of shame in psychological development, psychopathology, and the therapeutic process. Donald Nathanson has assembled internationally prominent authorities, engaging them in extensive dialogue about their areas of expertise. Concise introductions to each chapter place the authors both historically and theoretically, and outline their emphases and contributions to our understanding of shame. Including many illustrative clinical examples, the book covers such topics as the relationship between shame and narcissism, shame's central place in affect theory, psychosis and shame, and shame in the literature of French psychoanalysis and philosophy.

“Every decade or so in the world of psychiatry and psychology, a book appears that opens up and explores a burgeoning new field and stimulates its further development. THE MANY FACES OF SHAME can claim to perform this essential service, leaving clinicians like myself grateful for the contributions of this pioneer effort. It enlarges theoretical perspectives and also enhances clinical skills in ways that are now curiously neglected. It is my belief that many patients, needful of help, are lost to treatment because the shame factors inherent in this situation have been overlooked.”

—E. James Anthony, MD

“Rich, provocative, and timely, this landmark volume explores the neglected domain of shame. Replete with implications for clinical practice, this book will be indispensable to every practicing clinician...and student of the psyche.”

—Gershen Kaufman, PhD


All those involved in the helping professions will find here a new and deeper appreciation of the problems facing their clients and patients.