The Mood Repair Toolkit

Proven Strategies to Prevent the Blues from Turning into Depression

David A. Clark

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July 28, 2014
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July 28, 2014
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If you have trouble bouncing back from low moods or just feel stuck in the doldrums much of the time, renowned cognitive behavior therapist David A. Clark has a clear message: there are simple yet powerful steps you can take to feel better. This encouraging book presents 80 strategies you can use to reduce sadness, promote positive feelings of contentment and joy, and decrease your risk for full-blown depression. Vivid stories and concrete examples help you learn specific methods for:
Using the practical tools in the book—forms, worksheets, and self-assessment quizzes—makes it easy to create and stick to a mood repair action plan. You can download and print additional copies of these tools as needed. The strategies that Dr. Clark provides are grounded in cutting-edge neuroscience and psychology research—and they work. Discover proven ways to start living a more satisfying and productive life.

“Excellent material, with a menu of options for those who suffer from the blues.”

Library Journal

“It provides readers with tools and techniques to help repair mood, use mood enhancement strategies, and learn step-by-step methods for regulating mood. Given that depression is a common psychological disorder, the book is quite timely and insightful on many levels. The author is a well-known clinician in the field….Individuals suffering from depression will find this book extremely beneficial and worthwhile. Family members as well as clinicians will certainly benefit from the excellent tools and techniques.”

Doody's Review Service

“This groundbreaking book provides step-by-step instructions that can help you deal with low moods, self-criticism, and other thoughts and feelings that, if left unchecked, may plunge you into despair. Packed with specific examples, the book teaches coping strategies that will appeal to a broad range of readers.”

—Aaron T. Beck, MD, founder of cognitive therapy

“Dr. Clark is an international figure in the field of cognitive therapy. This book brings the latest science and therapeutic wisdom to guide you to help yourself when dark moods threaten to overwhelm you. It is full of practical, trustworthy strategies you can begin to use today. I thoroughly recommend it.”

—Mark Williams, DPhil, coauthor of The Mindful Way Workbook

“I'm always looking for resources that I can recommend to my patients. You don't need a background in psychology to understand and use The Mood Repair Toolkit. I especially like the way Dr. Clark discusses the evidence for each tool before providing practical suggestions for applying it. I have already tried and recommended several of the book's strategies, including the very helpful tips for staying on track with exercise.”

—Carmen Stuart, MD, family physician

“Dr. Clark has written a clear and straightforward guide to repairing mood and avoiding depression. Drawing on the best current science, this book takes you on a journey to enhanced self-understanding, joy, and fulfillment. You'll learn practical skills and new ways of thinking and feeling that will be helpful for a lifetime.”

—Nikolaos Kazantzis, PhD, Cognitive Behavior Therapy Research Unit, School of Psychological Sciences and Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, Monash University, Australia

Table of Contents


1. Harness Your Unhappiness

2. Go with the Flow

3. Trap Your “Tigers”

4. Silence the Inner Critic

5. Take Time to Recharge

6. Stop the Mental Treadmill

7. Capture the Moment

8. Ponder the Past

9. Embrace Your Dreams

10. Make Connections

11. Express Kindness and Compassion

12. Get Active, Stay Fit, and Be Well

13. Face Your Dread

14. Sing in the Rain

15. Take the Long View



About the Author

David A. Clark, PhD, is Professor of Psychology at the University of New Brunswick, Canada, where he also has had a private practice for 25 years. Dr. Clark is a widely recognized authority on cognitive behavior therapy for anxiety and depression and is the author of numerous books, including The Anxiety and Worry Workbook (with Aaron T. Beck) and Overcoming Obsessive Thoughts (with Christine Purdon). He is a Founding Fellow of the Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies and a Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association.


Readers seeking a science-based approach to managing depression and low moods; also of interest to mental health professionals and students.