The Tobacco Dependence Treatment Handbook

A Guide to Best Practices

David B. Abrams, Raymond Niaura, Richard A. Brown, Karen M. Emmons, Michael G. Goldstein, and Peter M. Monti

A Paperback Original
A Paperback Original
February 12, 2003
ISBN 9781572308497
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365 Pages
Size: 8½" x 11"

1. Planning Evidence-Based Treatment of Tobacco Dependence

David B. Abrams and Raymond Niaura

2. Assessment to Inform Smoking Cessation Treatment

Raymond Niaura and William G. Shadel

3. Increasing Motivation to Stop Smoking

Karen M. Emmons

4. Brief Behavioral Treatment

William G. Shadel and Raymond Niaura

5. Intensive Behavioral Treatment

Richard A. Brown

6. Comorbidity Treatment: Skills Training for Coping with Depression and Negative Moods

Richard A. Brown

7. Pharmacotherapy for Smoking Cessation

Michael G. Goldstein

8. Contextual and Systems Factors That Support Treatment

Judith D. DePue and Laura A. Linnan

9. Ongoing Research and Future Directions

Peter M. Monti, Raymond Niaura, and David B. Abrams

Appendix: Reproducible Handouts