Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

A Journal for the Mental Health Professions

Editor: Eric Storch, PhD
Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine

ISSN: 00259284
Volume 86, 2022
Issues Per Year: 4
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The Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic has a long and distinguished history, publishing seminal works in psychiatry and psychology since 1936, and continues its wide reach to psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, and those in graduate training.

The Bulletin’s primary focus is psychopathology research that is broad based. In particular, the Bulletin will publish manuscripts of sound methodology and clinical significance over a range of topics pertaining to psychopathology, assessment, and intervention without adherence to a particular theoretical orientation.

Led by a distinguished team of editors, the Bulletin will serve as a forum for researchers and clinicians to present original research focused on psychopathology as well as assessment and intervention.

Original research will be evaluated based on its methodology, significance, and fit with the Bulletin’s focus. Studies that focus on psychopathology, assessment, and treatment are a particularly good fit. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are welcome and should follow accepted standards for data collection (e.g., PRISMA). The Bulletin is also interested in psychometric studies of new measures, as well as replicating past work. Finally, case studies that present unique clinical presentations and approaches to treatment delivery will be considered.

Editorial Board

Associate Editors:
Amitai Abramovitch, PhD, San Marcos, TX
Carly Johnco, PhD, Macquarie University
Eli R. Lebowitz, PhD, Yale Child Study Center
Dean McKay, PhD, Fordham University
Jedidiah Siev, PhD, Swarthmore, PA

Editorial Board:
Candice A. Alfano, PhD, Houston, TX
Jon Allen, PhD, Houston, TX
Martin M. Antony, PhD, Toronto, Canada
David H. Barlow, PhD, Boston, MA
Elissa P. Benedek, MD, Ann Arbor, MI
Claire Bevins, PhD, Providence, RI
Antonia Bifulco, PhD, London, UK
Lily A. Brown, PhD, Philadelphia, PA
Julia D. Buckner, PhD, Baton Rouge, LA
Matti Cervin, PhD, Lund, Sweden
Gregory S. Chasson, PhD, Chicago, IL
Jesse R. Cougle, PhD, Tallahassee, FL
Annette Crisanti, PhD, Albuquerque, NM
Alessandro De Nadai, PhD, San Marcos, TX
Joao L. De Quevedo, MD, PhD, Houston, TX
Lisa B. Dixon, MD, Baltimore, MD
Christopher W. Drapeau, PhD, Valparaiso, IN
Steven L. Dubovsky, MD, Buffalo, NY
Jennifer B. Dwyer, MD, PhD, New Haven, CT
Jill Ehrenreich-May, PhD, Miami, FL
Jon Elhai, PhD, Toledo, OH
David Elkind, PhD, Medford, MA
Thomas Ellis, PsyD, Houston, TX
Lara Farrell, PhD, Nathan, Australia
Samantha Farris, PhD, Providence, RI
Thomas A. Fergus, PhD, Waco, TX
Leonardo F. Fontenelle, MD, PhD, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Julian Ford, PhD, Farmington, CT
J. Christopher Fowler, PhD, Houston, TX
Maria G. Fraire, PhD, Boston, MA
Martin Franklin, PhD, Philadelphia, PA
Daniel A. Geller, MD, Boston, MA
Robin P. Goin-Kochel, PhD, Houston, TX
Sean Gregory, PhD, Flagstaff, AZ
Anouk Grubaugh, PhD, Charleston, SC
Rebecca Hamblin, PhD, Galveston, TX
Susan Hardesty, MD, Houston, TX
Charmaine Higa-McMillan, PhD, Hilo, HI
Marcelo Q. Hoexter, PhD, São Paulo, Brazil
David Hojgaard, PhD, Aarhus, Denmark
Steven K. Huprich, PhD, Detroit, MI
Katja Anna Hybel, PhD, Risskov, Denmark
Marina Iniesta-Sepúlveda, PhD, Murcia, Spain
Amanda Jensen-Doss, PhD, Miami, FL
David Jobes, PhD, Washington, DC
Salman Kayatekin, MD, Houston, TX
Connor M. Kerns, PhD, Vancouver, Canada
Ruth Lanius, PhD, Ontario, Canada
Michael J. Larson, PhD, Provo, UT
Carl Lejuez, PhD, Lawrence, KS
Kenneth N. Levy, PhD, University Park, PA
Nicole Lønfeldt, PhD, Copenhagen, Denmark
Patrick Luyten, PhD, Leuven, Belgium
Brenna B. Maddox, PhD, Philadelphia, PA
Jane Mahoney, PhD, Houston, TX
Sarah L. Martin, MD, Lubbock, TX
Sanjay Mathew, MD, Houston, TX
Linda Mayes, MD, New Haven, CT
Joseph F. McGuire, PhD, Baltimore, MD
Elizabeth McIngvale, PhD, Houston, TX
Karin Melin, RPN, MSc, Gothenburg, Sweden
Leslie C. Morey, PhD, College Station, TX
Leslie Morland, PhD, Honolulu, HI
Lauren J. Moskowitz, PhD, New York, NY
Michael R. Nadorff, PhD, Starkville, MS
Amie R. Newins, PhD, Orlando, FL
John M. Oldham, MD, Houston, TX
Kenneth Pargament, PhD, Bowling Green, OH
Michelle Patriquin, PhD, Houston, TX
Amy Przeworski, PhD, Cleveland, OH
Troy Quast, PhD, Tampa, FL
Neil A. Rector, PhD, Toronto, Canada
Stanley Rosenberg, PhD, Lebanon, NH
Karen Rowa, PhD, Hamilton, Canada
Katrina Rufino, PhD, Houston, TX
Alison Salloum, PhD, Tampa, FL
John Sargent, MD, Boston, MA
Kirti Saxena, MD, Houston, TX
Deanna N. Schreiber-Gregory, MS, Bethesda, MD
Robert R. Selles, PhD, Vancouver, Canada
Lisa Shank, MS, MPH, Bethesda, MD
Carla Sharp, PhD, Houston, TX
Phillip Shaver, PhD, Davis, CA
Ashley M. Shaw, PhD, Miami, FL
Gemma Sicouri, PhD, Sydney, Australia
Brent J. Small, PhD, Tampa, FL
Peggy B. Smith, PhD, Houston, TX
William H. Smith, PhD, Birmingham, AL
Berta J. Summers, PhD, Boston, MA
Nor Christian Torp, PhD, Drammen, Norway
Andres G. Viana, PhD, Houston, TX
Laurel L. Williams, DO, Houston, TX
Heather L. Yardley, PhD, Columbus, OH
Stuart C. Yudofsky, MD, Houston, TX
Xiaolu Zhou, PhD, Shanghai, China

Regular Features

*Clinical and theoretical articles and literature reviews give you an in-depth look at important subjects and alert you to the newest developments in treatment.
*Clinical case series reports provide you with detailed studies of the treatment of patients with difficult-to-treat disorders.
*Brief communications save you time by delivering clear, concise summaries of the latest theoretical and clinical work.


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