International Journal of Cognitive Therapy The Official Journal of the International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy Edited by John H. Riskind, PhD
George Mason University
ISSN: 19371209
Volume 10, 2017
Issues Per Year: 4

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From an editorial board of leading international authorities, this state-of-the-science journal addresses all scientific and clinical aspects of cognitive therapy. Featured are:
  • Empirical research studies
  • Cutting-edge theoretical articles
  • Literature reviews and meta-analyses
  • Special focus issues
The scope of coverage encompasses basic research on cognitive clinical processes, innovative assessment and treatment technologies, expert perspectives on specific clinical problems and populations, and critical issues in translating research to practice. Recent thematic issues have included Recent Advances in Suicide Research: Mediators and Moderators of Risk and Resilience; Cognitive Mechanisms of Change in the Treatment of Depression; and Combined CBT and Pharmacotherapy.

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