Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

Edited by Thomas E. Joiner, PhD
Florida State University

ISSN: 07367236
Volume 40, 2021
Issues Per Year: 6

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This journal is devoted to the application of theory and research from social psychology toward the better understanding of human adaptation and adjustment, including both the alleviation of psychological problems and distress (e.g., psychopathology) and the enhancement of psychological well-being among the psychologically healthy. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) traditionally defined psychopathology (e.g., depression), common emotional and behavioral problems in living (e.g., conflicts in close relationships), the enhancement of subjective well-being, and the processes of psychological change in everyday life (e.g., self-regulation) and professional settings (e.g., psychotherapy and counseling). Articles reporting the results of theory-driven empirical research are given priority, but theoretical articles, review articles, clinical case studies, and essays on professional issues are also welcome. Articles describing the development of new scales (personality or otherwise) or the revision of existing scales are not appropriate for this journal.

“The Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology has helped to revive one of the most intellectually fertile and exciting interfaces in psychology. Both social and clinical psychology gain by having their work on topics of common interest published in the same outlet. Having been blessed with editors who are open to a wide range of ideas and methods, JSCP publishes material that is far more diverse and creative than one sees in many other journals.”

—Roy F. Baumeister, PhD, author of Evil: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty and Meanings of Life.

“This unique journal is an important outlet for persons interested in the interface between basic and applied psychology. It is an indispensable tool for professionals who base their practice on research, as well as a valuable source of ideas for researchers.”

—Frederick H. Kanfer, PhD

“The Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology is the premiere journal presenting research on topics at the interface of social, clinical, and counseling psychology.”

—Robin Kowalski, PhD

Editorial Board

Associate Editors
Dana S. Dunn, Moravian College
Cynthia D. Mohr, Portland State University
Jeremy Pettit, University of Houston
April Smith, Miami University
Justin W. Weeks, Nebraska Medicine, Nebraska Medical Center

Editorial Board
Lauren B. Alloy, Albert Bandura, Anna Bardone-Cone, Avi Besser, Thomas W. Britt, Steven H. Brown, Edward C. Chang, Valerian J. Derlega, Steve Duck, Brooke C. Feeney, Frank D. Fincham, Donelson R. Forsyth, Dolores E. Gallagher-Thompson, Richard C. Gilman, Peter Guarnaccia, Michael B. Gurtman, Emma Halliwell, Rick E. Ingram, Todd Kashdan, Anita Kelly, Irving Kirsch, Mark R. Leary, Robin J. Lewis, Scott Lilienfeld, Joshua Lipsitz, Steven R. Lopez, Patrick Luyten, James E. Maddux, Brenda N. Major, David Marcus, Rowland S. Miller, Jack Naglieri, John Nezlek, Paula R. Pietromonaco, Janet Polivy, Deborah S. Richardson, John Riskind, Golan Shahar, James A. Shepperd, C. Veronica Smith, Bonnie Spring, Michael F. Steger, Calvin D. Stoltenberg, Jeanette Taylor, Howard A. Tennen, Todd Thrash, Otto Wahl, Elaine F. Walker, Gifford Weary, Thomas A. Widiger, Nathan L. Williams, S. Lloyd Williams, Barbara A. Winstead, Virgil Zeigler-Hill


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The impact factor of this journal is 1.472 and the 5-year impact factor is 1.906 [2018 Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Reports® (Web of Science Group, 2019)].