Science & Society

A Journal of Marxist Thought and Analysis

Edited by David Laibman

ISSN: 00368237
Volume 83, 2019
Issues Per Year: 4

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Appearing quarterly since 1936, Science & Society is the longest continuously published Marxist scholarly journal in the world. Its intellectual coverage includes social and political theory, first-order historical research, economics, philosophy, theoretical foundations in the natural sciences, literature, and the arts. In both general issues, and special issues devoted to particular topics, the journal provides serious analysis of the contemporary human condition and visions of social alternatives, and contributes to the continuing critical redevelopment of the Marxist tradition.

"The Marxist intellectual tradition in American has been well represented by Science & Society for over seventy-five years. The journal never fails to enlighten and challenge its readers."

-Manning Marable

"Like a good wine, Science & Society seems to get better with age. For a journal that always sets the standard for excellence in serious Marxist scholarship, that is quite an achievement. Right now, the clarity, range and incisiveness of its articles and reviews are needed more than ever. Who dares miss a single issue? Not I."

-Bertell Ollman, New York University

Editorial Board

Editorial Board
Juan Rodriguez Barrera*, Renate Bridenthal, Russell Dale*, Raju Das*, Sheila Delany*, Frank T. Fitzgerald, Barbara Foley*, Martha Gimenez, Gerald Horne, Julio Huato*, Timothy V Johnson, Sharryn Kasmir, David Laibman*, Gerald Meyer, Paul Mishler, Leith Mullings, Deborah Mutnick, Bertell Ollman, John P. Pittman, William I. Robinson, Mel Rothenberg, Rachel Rubin*, Shana Russell*, Alan Shandro*, Jim Smethurst*, Mark Solomon, Margaret Stevens, Lise Vogel*, Alan Wald
*Manuscript Review Collective

Advisory Board
Younes Abouyoub, Tom Brass, Karen Brodkin, Paul Browne, Paul Buhle, John Callaghan, Alex Callinicos, Al Campbell, Alan Carling, Blanche Wiesen Cook, Teresa Ebert, John Ehrenberg, Steve Ellner, Roberta Garner, Ellen Hazelkorn, John Hoffman, Justin Holt, E. K. Hunt, Roger Keeran, Kimberly Macellaro, August H. Nimtz, David Schwartzman, Julius Sensat, Ednaldo A. Silva, Tony Smith, Hobart A. Spalding, Jr., Yanis Varoufakis, Basil Wilson


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The impact factor of this journal is 0.873 and the 5-year impact factor is 0.934 [2018 Journal Impact Factor, Journal Citation Reports® (Web of Science Group, 2019)].