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Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction

Anita L. Archer

September 11, 2014
ISBN 9781599090580
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This DVD from bestselling author Anita L. Archer covers everything about explicit instruction, from classroom management to design and delivery. School professionals can use the engaging four- to seven-minute video presentations for quick inservice opportunities during staff, grade level, or departmental meetings. Staff can watch a segment, then take 10-15 minutes to discuss the principle and how it applies in their classrooms.

Also see Anita L. Archer's DVD series, Active Participation: Getting Them All Engaged, Elementary Level for grades K-5, and Active Participation: Getting Them All Engaged, Secondary Level for grades 6-12, which demonstrates how to engage all students in the classroom, from star performers to struggling students. The book, Explicit Instruction from Anita L. Archer and Charles A. Hughes, provides practical tools to implement explicit instruction in any grade level or content area.

“Dr. Archer is a master teacher who understands both the art and science of teaching. She beautifully models the active engagement she advocates teachers use through both video demonstration in real classrooms and through her own trainings. She has been the single most influential teacher in my work as a trainer of teachers, and I feel fortunate to work with such an inspirational, skilled, and passionate colleague.”

—Amanda Sanford, PhD, Department of Special Education, Portland State University

Table of Contents

Introduction—Explicit Instruction (3:40)

Anticipate & Remove (6:09)

Assumicide (5:46)

What You Expect = What You Get (7:45)

A Quick Review of Teaching (5:16)

Concepts & Vocabulary (3:56)

Practice, Practice, Practice (6:05)

Up On Your Feet (6:17)

Avoid Voids (6:16)

Pace of the Lesson (6:31)

Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport (6:38)

Passion & Compassion (7:02)

About the Author

Anita L. Archer, PhD, is an educational consultant to school districts on explicit instruction, the design and delivery of instruction, behavior management, and literacy instruction. She has taught elementary and middle school students and is the recipient of 10 awards honoring her excellence in teaching and contributions to the field of education. Dr. Archer has served on the faculties of San Diego State University, the University of Washington in Seattle, and the University of Oregon in Eugene. She is nationally known for her professional development activities, having presented in every state over the course of her 40-year career. Dr. Archer is coauthor of numerous curriculum materials addressing reading, writing, and study skills (with Mary Gleason), and of the book Explicit Instruction (with Charles A. Hughes). She is also author of the professional development DVDs Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction, Active Participation: Getting Them All Engaged, Elementary Level, and Active Participation: Getting Them All Engaged, Secondary Level.


General and special educators in grades K–12, literacy specialists, and administrators.