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Living with Schizophrenia

Produced by Monkey See Productions

August 7, 2006
ISBN 9781593853860
Price: $80.00
39-Minute DVD
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Note: This video is presented by Guilford Publications in cooperation with Monkey See Productions, New South Wales, Australia. Not available from Guilford in Australia or New Zealand.
This video offers essential information and guidance for individuals and families coping with a schizophrenia diagnosis. The program features illuminating first-hand accounts from three people with schizophrenia and one person with schizoaffective disorder, along with commentary from treatment expert Dr. Andy Campbell. Viewers learn clear steps they can take to lead fuller, more successful lives, including how to work effectively with doctors and therapists; manage medication problems; make healthy lifestyle choices; recognize the early warning signs of relapse; and enlist needed support from family members and friends.Running time: 39 minutes.