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No More Bets, Please!

Overcoming Problem Gambling

Produced by Monkey See Productions
Featuring H. G. Nelson, Alex Blaszczynski, and Michael Walker

March 7, 2008
ISBN 9781593858261
Price: $80.00
40-Minute DVD
Copyright 2003, Monkey See Productions, NSW, Australia

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This video is presented by Guilford Publications in cooperation with Monkey See Productions, New South Wales, Australia. Not available from Guilford in Australia or New Zealand.
This straight-talking, empowering video program offers essential information on how problem gambling develops, its damaging impact on individuals and families, and how it can successfully be treated. Through candid first-hand accounts from four recovering gamblers, along with illuminating commentary from mental health experts, the program shows gamblers, their families, and therapists:
  • How an alluring diversion becomes a shameful secret as problem gambling takes hold
  • Common myths and misperceptions about gambling—and why “winning big” is so unlikely
  • The benefits of individual and group therapy and self-help approaches
  • Ways to overcome setbacks in recovery and make meaningful, lasting changes
Running time: 40 minutes.

Winner—CINE Golden Eagle Award