Play Therapy for Severe Psychological Trauma

Eliana Gil
Produced by Dawkins Productions

October 24, 2006
ISBN 9781593854225
Price: $110.00
41 Pages
36-Minute DVD + 41-Page Manual
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In this instructive video program, well-known play and family therapist Eliana Gil elucidates the nature of trauma, how to recognize it clinically, and how to manage its powerful effects on children's development with the use of specific art and play techniques. The video includes a reenacted clinical interview and footage from an actual play therapy session, as well as many moving examples of children's work. With empathy and wisdom, Dr. Gil discusses such important topics as what dissociation looks like in children's paintings and drawings and how to intervene effectively in posttraumatic play.Running time: 36 minutes; includes 41-page manual.