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Friedman's Fables

Favorites Read by the Author

Edwin H. Friedman

Downloadable Audio
Downloadable Audio
January 30, 2019
ISBN 9781462540280
Price: $18.00
Running time: 1 hour 51 minutes

Edwin H. Friedman narrates 15 of his best-loved fables that offer fresh perspectives on familiar human foibles and reflect the author's humor, pathos, and understanding. Recorded before the author passed away, these classic fables are now available as an audio download for the first time. Friedman takes on resistance and other “demons” to show that neither insight, nor encouragement, nor intimidation can in themselves motivate an unmotivated person to change. These tales playfully demonstrate that new ideas, new questions, and imagination, more than accepted wisdom, provide each of us with the keys to overcoming stubborn emotional barriers and facilitating real change both in ourselves and others. Thought-provoking discussion questions for each fable can be downloaded and printed in a convenient 8½“ x 11” size (

See also Friedman's Fables (print edition), the classic book featuring the 15 fables from the audiobook, plus 9 more, with discussion questions for all.

“The book had an unexpected effect. I found myself more creative in the therapy sessions that followed, almost as if I had been granted some internal form of permission to co-create a story alongside the stuck stories of so many of my clients....The stories...had, in effect, stimulated my own story-telling ability.”

AFTA Newsletter

“I used a fable for my sermon, and you could have heard a pin drop by the end....I find the fables thoroughly delightful and powerful.”

—The Rev. Henry C. Galganowicz, Rector, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Weston, Connecticut

Table of Contents

1. The Bridge

2. A Nervous Condition

3. The Power of Belief

4. The Lesson

5. Net Results

6. The Magic Ring

7. The Curse

8. The Friendly Forest

9. Caught in Her Own Web

10. Metamorphosis

11. ‘Round in Circles

12. Burnout

13. Symbiosis

14. An American Holly

15. Soaring

About the Author

Edwin H. Friedman, until his death in 1996, worked for more than 35 years in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, and was in great demand as a consultant and public speaker throughout the country. A family therapist and ordained rabbi, Edwin H. Friedman was well known in the fields of mental health and pastoral education for his motivational style and his unique blend of systems thinking, humor, and common sense. He offered acclaimed workshops for mental health practitioners, clergy, business leaders, and others. His books include Friedman's Fables and Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue.


Family therapists and counselors; clergy; students and general readers.

Course Use

Family therapists and counselors; clergy; students and general readers. Can be used as a supplement in graduate-level courses such as Pastoral Counseling and Pastoral Leadership.