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Life After Trauma

Second Edition
A Workbook for Healing

Dena Rosenbloom and Mary Beth Williams
With Barbara E. Watkins
Foreword by Laurie Anne Pearlman

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March 10, 2010
ISBN 9781606236086
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295 Pages
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April 7, 2015
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Trauma can turn your world upside down—afterward, nothing may look safe or familiar. This compassionate workbook has already helped tens of thousands of trauma survivors start rebuilding their lives. Full of practical strategies for coping and self-care, the book guides you toward reclaiming a solid sense of safety, self-worth, trust, and control, as well as the capacity to be close to others. The focus is on finding the way forward in your life today, no matter what has happened in the past. The updated second edition has a new section on managing emotions through mindfulness and an appendix on easing the stress of health care visits. Dozens of step-by-step questionnaires and exercises are included; you can download and print additional copies of these tools for repeated use.

“A way to connect with readers' pain, resources, and determination....Reading this book has been an amazing journey. I highly recommend it.”

Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter

“This book is full of helpful, practical strategies for coping and self-care....Would recommend this book as a good self-help workbook that offers a useful place to begin helping oneself following a trauma.”

Transactional Analysis Journal

“I especially applaud the authors of this workbook, emphasizing the importance of clients acquiring or developing comforting and coping strategies early on in their healing process, and for their warm and accessible writing style. Packed with tips and dozens of exercises, the workbook is primarily aimed at survivors, but can be used by or with a therapist....I would recommend this practical volume to all counsellors as part of their trauma toolbox.”

The Independent Practitioner

“Step by guided step, this workbook offers a careful, caring assist out of the emotional tangle that can result from trauma....Clear, comprehensive, well-grounded, and well-organized—real help for those in a vulnerable place.”

Kirkus Reviews (on previous edition)

“A thorough and compassionate workbook. The authors combine basic information, exercises, and examples in a highly readable and accessible format. This book will be particularly useful for readers taking their first steps on the journey of recovery from trauma.”

—Maxine Harris, PhD, coauthor of Healing the Trauma of Abuse

“Anyone who chances on this workbook or is referred to it is extremely fortunate. It offers hope and guidance, speaking to the reader in personal ways that open paths for growth. I am especially impressed by the number and diversity of practical, realistic exercises. The authors provide concrete direction as they share their collective wisdom and experience.”

—Carroll Ann Ellis, MA, Director of Victim Services, Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department

“This practical workbook explains the impact of trauma and provides resources for coping. Survivors will benefit from the empathic tone and the personalized worksheets. Most important, this is a hopeful book that emphasizes that healing is possible, a much-needed message.”

—Christine A. Courtois, PhD, author of Healing the Incest Wound

“Step by guided step, this workbook offers a careful, caring assist out of the emotional tangle that can result from trauma....Clear, comprehensive, well-grounded, and well-organized—real help for those in a vulnerable place.”

Kirkus Reviews (on the prior edition)

Life After Trauma is written by two attuned, experienced trauma professionals who connect with their readers’ pain, resources, and determination. The reader feels seen, held, guided, and respected all along the way.”

—from the foreword by Laurie Anne Pearlman, PhD

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Second Edition, Laurie Anne Pearlman

Prologue. Before You Begin

1. After Trauma: Why You Feel Thrown for a Loop

2. Ways of Coping after the Trauma

3. Thinking Things Through

4. Feeling Safe; Being Safe

5. What Does It Mean to Trust?

6. Regaining Control in Your Life

7. Valuing Yourself and Others

8. Feeling Close to Others

Epilogue. Healing for the Long Term

Appendix A. Taking Care of Yourself in Health Care Settings

Appendix B. Recommended Resources

Appendix C. About Psychotherapy

Appendix D. How Mental Health Professionals Can Use This Workbook

About the Authors

Dena Rosenbloom, PhD, a clinical psychologist in private practice in Glastonbury, Connecticut, specializes in supporting people through the healing process following traumatic life events. She also conducts trainings and workshops for a broad range of audiences as well as critical incident stress debriefings for groups of people who have shared a traumatic experience.

Mary Beth Williams, PhD, LCSW, CTS, is in private practice in Warrenton, Virginia, specializing in the treatment of trauma-related disorders. She is widely published in the field of trauma and is an instructor for the Office for Victims of Crime at the U.S. Department of Justice. She conducts training workshops on trauma for professionals internationally.

Barbara E. Watkins is a writer and editor living in Boston.


Survivors of any kind of traumatic experience, as well as therapists and counselors who work with them.
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