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Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders

Edited by Sam Goldstein, Jack A. Naglieri, and Sally Ozonoff

384 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
September 2008
ISBN 978-1-59385-983-1
Cat. #5983
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March 2011
ISBN 978-1-60623-746-5
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“Comprises 13 chapters, each authored by experts in the assessment and evaluation of autism spectrum disorders. The volume editors drew on talents of the international autism community and cover a wide array of topics critical to understanding the valid and reliable assessment of autism spectrum disorders....This book has something for everyone and does not shy away from tackling the controversial issues facing the autism community....The volume editors wisely devoted a number of chapters to practical suggestions and specific recommendations for the assessment of individuals for whom an autism spectrum disorder is suspected....An invaluable, accessible volume that has made the lives of professionals committed to working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders a little bit easier.”

American Journal of Psychiatry

“Provides a highly researched account of the state of autism spectrum disorders today. Among the contributors are highly respected names in autism research, most of whom are affiliated with university centers that are engaging in significant research in the field. Assessment provides both veteran and novice school social workers with important information on autism from which to build their knowledge base as well as useful background information. The work deals with the history of autism, its epidemiology, assessment tools for the core challenges inherent in the disorder, and intervention strategies....Provides a timely synthesis of current research in the field, as well as an overview of the disorder, its core challenges, and the newest means of assessing children with the disorder....Assessment is written in an easy-to-read style and is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the field of autism. It takes a complicated set of disorders, provides the latest research in easy-to-understand language, and makes recommendations for how mental health practitioners can make schools more responsive to children with autism. All social work departments in public schools should have this book to use as a resource.”

School Social Work Journal

“This comprehensive volume offers professionals in the field a guide to understanding best practices associated with evaluating this complex disorder....The book achieves its goal of building a bridge from science to clinical practice by emphasizing valid and reliable methods for assessing this complex group of disorders. Written in straightforward, user-friendly language, the book is a valuable resource for neuropsychologists and other professionals interested in the assessment of ASD. An added feature is the inclusion of tables, figures, and case studies throughout the volume.”

Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology

“The editors address significant issues in this book, including the reported increase in the number of children diagnosed with ASD and a possible relationship between vaccinations and autism. These issues have important implications for parents, professionals, educators, and public policy makers....This book provides a single authoritative resource for assessing ASD and it will be a useful resource for school psychologists, neuropsychologists, and other child health and education professionals. It is an informative and well-researched book, written in a clear and direct style that is accessible to the educated layperson as well as to professionals.”

Journal of Child and Family Studies

“The editors....have brought together an outstanding group of contributors to provide comprehensive coverage of this important and timely topic. The chapters describe approaches for evaluating specific areas of impairment including: social behavior; speech, language, and communication; intellectual functioning; neuropsychological functioning; and co-occurring problems....This text has much to offer the practicing school psychologist. The editors have achieved their goal of providing a 'reasoned and reasonable approach to the evaluation of autism and autism spectrum disorders'....A valuable resource and reference guide to current best practice in assessing children with autism spectrum disorders.”

NASP Communiqué

“Overall the effort to balance theoretical, research, and practical clinical issues in work with this sometimes quite challenging population is commendable. Even rather technical material is presented with an effort to make it accessible to those without extensive training in psychometrics, speech pathology, or psychiatry. Case material is helpfully utilized in many chapters. References, presented on a chapter by chapter basis, are extensive and quite up-to-date. In particular, I liked the emphasis upon the need to fully involve parents, who are seen as 'life-long case managers' for their children....The scope and quality of this work is most impressive and a huge contribution to our knowledge base and our efforts to understand, assess, and assist individuals of all ages with autism spectrum conditions. I strongly recommend this text for its thorough overview of clinical and humanistic considerations in this challenging area.”

Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

“The text is written for experienced clinicians from various disciplines and graduate students but I found it to be written so well that I would not hesitate to offer it as a good source of information for parents....This is a volume that should be seriously considered by my school psychology colleagues as you try to leave the place better than you found it....The need for an updated knowledge base relative to ASD is a task for all School Psychologists. Assessment of Autism Spectrum Disorders will give you such an update. Get this book and give each chapter one very attentive reading. It will clarify where clarification is required, increase knowledge when greater knowledge is desired, and cause one to think critically when deep thinking is needed. I guarantee that you will gain multiple new insights concerning the assessment process for children with ASD as you try to leave the place better than you found it.”

Ohio School Psychologist

“Masterfully crafted and methodically detailed—a comprehensive package for clinicians and school-based student support services personnel. Each chapter provides rich detail regarding the associated features of ASD, and, more importantly, offers best-practice assessment strategies. Practitioners will find the book highly valuable for bridging research to practice, while researchers will appreciate the level of detail. I look forward to incorporating this text into two of my graduate courses.”

—Frank J. Sansosti, PhD, School Psychology Program, Kent State University

“In one neat, comprehensive package, here is just about everything you need to know about assessment of autism. Autism is an exceedingly complex disorder and the field is grappling with many questions about how to quantify, qualify, and understand it. The editors have assembled an impressive roster of contributors, who both describe how to conduct assessments and address current issues and debates. This is an outstanding, thorough resource for practitioners, researchers, educators, and students.”

—Laura Schreibman, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, University of California, San Diego

“A rich resource for researchers and practitioners involved in the diagnosis and assessment of individuals with ASD. Written in a scholarly yet accessible manner, the book highlights the individuality and humanity of children with autism and provides state-of-the art strategies for assessing multiple dimensions of their functioning. It succeeds in increasing understanding of these complex and intriguing disorders and would be a terrific addition to courses on developmental disabilities.”

—Alice S. Carter, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts, Boston

“This unique resource comprehensively reviews the science and practice of assessment of children with autism spectrum disorders. The list of editors and authors reads like a 'who's who' of the autism field. This book will be an invaluable resource for graduate students and trainees in psychology, psychiatry, speech pathology, and education. It will also serve as a wonderful reference for experienced researchers and practitioners.”

—Tony Charman, PhD, Professor of Neurodevelopmental Disorders, UCL Institute of Child Health, London, UK
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