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Leaving It at the Office
A Guide to Psychotherapist Self-Care

John C. Norcross and James D. Guy, Jr.

238 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
June 2007
ISBN 978-1-59385-576-5
Cat. #5576
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June 2007
ISBN 978-1-59385-490-4
Cat. #5490
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November 2013
ISBN 978-1-4625-1507-3
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“True confessions: I needed to read this book. Let me be more inclusive: as psychotherapists, whether seasoned or neophyte, we all need to read this book, or at the very least attend to its vital messages....Leaving It at the Office is filled with compassionate fervor and recognition of the satisfactions of our professional lives....Twelve central elements to therapist self-care form the base for the 12 chapters of the book....Each chapter sets out information that is described as a field guide rather than an instructional manual, a 'curious mix of 'how to,' 'you should,' and 'chill-out'....In addition to finding this book informative and engaging, it was just plain fun to read. These are two very skilled writers, speaking to their peers in a colloquial tone that combines their love of language with a deliberate use of humor....Digesting this book, and making use of its energy, is just what the doctor ordered.”


“This self-care book is a delightfully down-to-earth, honest, inspirational, and aspirational guide for psychotherapists' well-being in their professional and personal lives....The book serves to jumpstart readers into thought and action about self-care. The particulars of what readers decide to do is deliberately left up to the readers themselves; the authors make it clear that they have no personal investment in the ultimate outcome, aside from enhancing the profession as a whole and giving much-deserved recognition to the difficult work psychotherapists are called upon to do....Clever and useful self-care checklists are provided at the conclusion of each chapter as a quick reference to the main points discussed. A recommended reading list is also provided at the end of each chapter....Clinicians are instruments of change whose focus must be on the best interests of others. Norcross and Guy remind us that clinicians are humans, too: Self-care is not selfish, but a means to ensure that we are in the best condition to meet our professional duties and sustain healthy personal lives.”

Journal of Trauma and Dissociation

“A true gem. This book combines an insightful review of relevant research with wisdom derived from decades of clinical experience, in a warm, humorous, and thought-provoking manner. It should be read (and periodically reread!) by all psychotherapists and those in training. Norcross and Guy provide practical suggestions that take psychotherapist self-care, self-awareness, and self-action to a new level. This book is an invaluable resource, and all those who read and utilize it will be glad they did.”

—Jeffrey E. Barnett, PsyD, President-Elect, American Psychological Association Division 29 (Psychotherapy); Affiliate Professor, Loyola College in Maryland

“This is a special book and one that is needed. Professional impairment is a major problem in all of the mental health professions, and prevention is the key to dealing with burnout. This book contains a wealth of practical information that readers can apply to keep themselves vital, both as persons and as professionals. Throughout, the authors interweave key research findings with their own personal and clinical experiences. Every counseling educator and psychology educator could benefit from reading this book and incorporating these topics into their training programs.”

—Gerald Corey, EdD, Department of Human Services (Emeritus), California State University, Fullerton

“As psychotherapists, we specialize in caring for others. This thoughtfully crafted book underscores the necessity and value of caring for ourselves. It highlights how meaningful and personally tailored self-care plans can alleviate the stress associated with being a psychotherapist and bolster clinical effectiveness. Myriad appealing and effective self-care strategies are offered; the Self-Care Checklists at the end of each chapter are especially useful tools. Any psychotherapist or psychotherapist in training who implements the techniques in this volume is likely to feel personally and professionally rejuvenated and to experience greater joys and rewards in his or her practice.”

—Nadine Kaslow, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Emory University

“Work and family stresses constitute significant contributing factors to psychotherapist burnout, professional lapses, and ethical complaints. Norcross and Guy have provided a superb roadmap and guide to prevention of such problems. They provide well-validated strategies and ways of thinking needed to stay on track in a stressful and demanding occupation not usually recognized as such. We could probably cut professional liability insurance rates and ethical complaints significantly, if we could only get all of our colleagues to read and follow this book's wise advice.”

—Gerald P. Koocher, PhD, School for Health Studies, Simmons College

“The authors bring a wealth of experience in research, practice, and training to this priceless work; their wisdom shows in the very practical self-care strategies they suggest in each chapter. The book provides powerful examples of ways in which psychotherapists can focus on their own physical, spiritual, and mental health, many of which are anchored in the transtheoretical model of behavior change. Experienced psychotherapists will appreciate the depth and breadth of the information provided, and the book also will be a good classroom text for new psychotherapists.”

—Mary Marden Velasquez, PhD, School of Social Work, University of Texas at Austin
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