Parenting Through the Storm Find Help, Hope, and Strength When Your Child Has Psychological Problems Ann Douglas
278 Pages
Size: 6" x 9"
September 28, 2016
ISBN 9781462526772
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September 27, 2016
ISBN 9781462528042
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EPUB e-Book
August 30, 2016
ISBN 9781462528066
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The practical tools can be downloaded and printed in PDF format.
"Will move, support, and inspire parents who feel lost in dealing with challenging children...."   read more »
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Raising a child or teenager with a psychological condition is a "perfect storm" of stress, sadness, and uncertainty. How can you find the best treatments and help your child overcome emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges—while keeping yourself and your family strong? As a parent, you may feel isolated and alone, but the reality is that a lot of families are in the same boat. Ann Douglas knows firsthand just how daunting it can be. In this compassionate and empowering guide, she combines the vital lessons she has learned with vivid stories from other parents and advice from leading psychologists. Several record-keeping forms can be downloaded and printed for repeated use. The book cuts through the often-confusing clinical jargon and speaks from the heart about what matters most: the well-being of your child.

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