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Program Evaluation Theory and Practice
A Comprehensive Guide

Donna M. Mertens and Amy T. Wilson

621 Pages
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February 2012
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February 2012
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I. The Landscape of Evaluation

1. Introduction to Evaluation: Defining Terms and Ethical Considerations

2. Framing Evaluation: Paradigms, Branches, and Theories

II. Historical and Contemporary Evaluation Paradigms, Branches, Theories, and Approaches

3. The Postpositivist Paradigm and the Methods Branch

4. The Pragmatic Paradigm and the Use Branch

5. The Constructivist Paradigm and the Values Branch

6. The Transformative Paradigm and the Social Justice Branch

III. Planning Evaluations

7. Working with Stakeholders: Establishing the Context and the Evaluand

8. Evaluation Purposes and Questions

9. Evaluation Designs

10. Data Collection Strategies and Indicators

11. Stakeholders, Participants, and Sampling

12. Data Analysis and Interpretation

IV. Implementation in Evaluation

13. Communication and Utilization of Findings

14. Meta-Evaluation and Project Management

15. Perennial and Emerging Issues in Evaluation


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