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Qualitative Research from Start to Finish

Robert K. Yin

348 Pages
Size: 7" x 10"
October 2010
ISBN 978-1-60623-701-4
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October 2010
ISBN 978-1-60623-977-3
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September 2011
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This lively, practical text presents a fresh and comprehensive approach to doing qualitative research. The book offers a unique balance of theory and clear-cut choices for customizing every phase of a qualitative study. A scholarly mix of classic and contemporary studies from multiple disciplines provides compelling, field-based examples of the full range of qualitative approaches. Readers learn about adaptive ways of designing studies, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting findings. Key aspects of the researcher's craft are addressed, such as fieldwork options, the five phases of data analysis (with and without using computer-based software), and how to incorporate the researcher's “declarative” and “reflective” selves into a final report.

Ideal for graduate-level courses, the text includes:
  • Discussions of ethnography, grounded theory, phenomenology, feminist research, and other approaches.
  • Instructions for creating a study bank to get a new study started.
  • End-of-chapter exercises and a semester-long, field-based project.
  • Quick study boxes, research vignettes, sample studies, and a glossary.
  • Previews for sections within chapters, and chapter recaps.
  • Discussion of the place of qualitative research among other social science methods, including mixed methods research.
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