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Qualitative Research from Start to Finish

Robert K. Yin

348 Pages
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October 2010
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October 2010
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“A unique element of the book is the inclusion of a discussion of worldviews at the end....The adaptive focus of the book might be helpful for both novice and seasoned researchers….Thinking about worldviews and other research methodologies as you are thinking about your next project works well with an action research or practitioner research approach in which all research is seen as part of a cyclical process of formalized reflection. I found other characteristics particularly useful to my teaching of doctoral students….Yin's…approach included an ‘adaptive’ perspective so that the reader could adapt elements from the book to their own study….Another feature that might be helpful for novice researchers and/or doctoral students was Yin's…description of and resources for completing the literature review….An exciting addition to the list of sources available for the new researcher....Within [his] linear, clear sequencing, Yin offered multiple options and reasons for choosing certain options (or choosing other options), encouraging researchers to do the same. The writing style was clear, concise and not jargon-loaded, which also might appeal to the novice researcher….I connected with Yin's work as a researcher and as a teacher.”

Qualitative Report

“The references are numerous and are used with skill. I was impressed by the coverage of both classic and contemporary studies.”

—Penny L. Burge, PhD, Department of Educational Research and Evaluation, Virginia Tech

“This book is both practical and scholarly. I like Yin's conceptualization of the five features of qualitative research. I also appreciate the lack of jargon and the use of concrete examples. I will recommend this book to colleagues as a practical guide and will consider using it as a class text.”

—Lance D. Fusarelli, PhD, Department of Leadership, Policy, and Adult and Higher Education, North Carolina State University

“The author’s inductive, learn-by-doing approach is an excellent way to frame this book. The chapters are highly readable, and the definitions and explanations are clear and easy to follow. The writing style is very effective for the targeted audience.”

—Thalia M. Mulvihill, PhD, Department of Educational Studies, Ball State University

“Yin should be commended for connecting readers to the discipline and joy of doing qualitative research. This book makes qualitative methods accessible to a broad audience. It includes practical advice and connects new researchers with well-chosen examples from a diverse array of rigorous qualitative studies. The discussion of the analysis process is a major strength of the book.”

—Michelle C. Bligh, PhD, School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences, Claremont Graduate University

“I know of no other book that so clearly, logically, and thoroughly walks the reader through every step of the qualitative research process. The book is state of the art in terms of current trends in qualitative research, and its review of novel and classic qualitative studies is second to none. Despite his stature as a world-renowned qualitative researcher, Yin's approach and writing style are so accessible that readers will feel like he is speaking directly to them in a small seminar. Very helpful features include preview questions, vignettes, chapter summaries of key concepts learned, and practical exercises. This is an ideal primary text for any qualitative research course at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.”

—Joseph G. Ponterotto, PhD, Counseling Psychology Program, Fordham University
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